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Museum of the Manchester Regiment Object Focus

Silver Bugle

Silver BugleThis silver bugle was originally a gift from The Manchester Regiment to its affiliated ship, HMS Manchester and is engraved: ‘The Gift of the Manchester Regiment 1938’.

On the front of the bugle is the fleur-de-lys (a symbol used by the Manchester Regiment since the 1750’s and worn as the Regiment’s cap badge between 1923 and 1958). Beneath the fleur-de-lys is the Ship’s Crest of HMS Manchester.

HMS Manchester was scuttled in 1942. As the ships silver was returned to the Admiralty prior to active service this bugle was saved, and returned to the Regiment in 1948.

Do you want to learn more about HMS Manchester?

A stretched Type 42 destroyer, launched on 24 November 1980. Her ship’s crest Silver Bugleconsists of a globe sprinkled with the bees (representing Manchester industry) within a border of Fleur de Lys, signifying her affiliation to the Manchester Regiment.

Did You Know?

The ship has the Freedom of Manchester and the Ship’s Motto is Sapere Aude. This is a Latin phrase which translates as ‘Dare to be Wise’.

The current HMS Manchester is the third ship to bear that name, the first being a hired vessel that was used as a stores ship in 1814-15. Following these humble beginnings, over a century passed before the next HMS Manchester entered service in 1937 as a 9400-ton cruiser of the ‘Southampton’ Class.

HMS ManchesterDuring the Second World War, the second HMS Manchester saw service in the ill-fated Norwegian Campaign, at the battle of Spartivento against an Italian cruiser squadron and in the Arctic and Maltese convoys of 1941 and 1942. She was torpedoed by an Italian E-boat whilst escorting the Pedestal Convoy off the coast of Tunisia on 13 August 1942 and was later scuttled by her crew to prevent it falling into enemy hands.

The current HMS Manchester is approaching her third decade of service in the Royal

Navy, however through extensive modernisation, remainCrew of HMS Manchesters one of the most potent weapons platforms in the world.

HMS Manchester will continue to serve the United Kingdom, NATO and the United Nations well into the next decade until she is replaced by the Type 45 Daring Class Destroyers.