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Regimental Embroidery

J J Lockwood Regimental Embroidery

This embroidery is signed by the designer and maker – ‘J. J. Lockwood’. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the man or woman that made this embroidery

The Colours

The main feature of the embroidery are 2 flags or ‘Colours’.

What is a ‘Colour’?

The Colours have become the symbol of the spirit of the Regiment, for they bear the battle honours and badges granted to the Regiment on commemoration of the gallant deeds performed by its members from the time it was raised.

The association of colours with heroic deeds has caused them to be regarded with veneration. The fact that colours are consecrated before being taken into use, and are laid up in sacred or public buildings after service serves to maintain the atmosphere of veneration with which they are surrounded

Each infantry battalion had 2 colours, collectively called ‘a stand’; the King’s (or Queen’s) colour (on the left in the embroidery) and a ‘regimental colour’ (on the right in the embroidery).

Visit the Museum’s ‘Object Focus’ webpage to learn more about our Regimental Colours.

This embroidery was conserved by Mrs Jacqueline Hyman and framed by Lancashire County Museum Service with financial assistance from the Army Museums Ogilby Trust in 2013.