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Falls Prevention




LeafletsGet Up & Go 

• Risk of falling 
• Reduce the risk of falling 
• Fall proof home 
• Stay safe out and about 
• Keep moving for a balance life 
• Strength and balance exercises 
• Getting up from a fall / can’t get up 
• Prevent others from falling 
• How to help someone who has fallen

Fall Proof 

• Keep moving 
• Prevent falls at home 
• Getting up from a fall

Staying Active at Home 

• Simple steps to help you stay active at home



Strength & Balance Exercise

Stay Active at Home - Strength and balance exercises for older adults - YouTube

Age UK

How to reduce your risk of falling | Age UK - YouTube



ProgrammesTameside Age Uk

How to refer:
Example of Tameside Age UK Programme
Here is a self-designed Action Plan to help prevent falls:




WebsitesNice Guidance

NHS Falls Prevention Falls prevention


Age UK

NHS Eye Care

RCN Falls

CSP Falls