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Representation and Appeal

Once a penalty notice has been issued it cannot be cancelled by the Civil Enforcement Officer. Motorists who feel that a Penalty Charge has been issued wrongly have the right to make a representation/appeal to the Council.

The registered keeper or owner of the vehicle is liable to pay the PCN, not the driver. If you have not told the driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency about a change of ownership, you should do so now.

If you believe that a Penalty Charge issued should not be paid and you wish to challenge (within 14 days from the date the notice was served/issued) 

If the Penalty charge is not paid or successfully challenged (after 14 days from when the notice was served/issued)

If the Penalty charge is not paid on or before the end of the 28 day period as specified on the front of the penalty notice or successfully challenged, the Council many serve as Notice to Owner (NTO) on the owner of the vehicle requiring payment of the penalty charge. The owner can then make representation to the Council against the penalty charge and may appeal to an independent adjudicator if those representations are rejected (the notice to owner will contain instructions for doing this).

If representations are received before a Notice to Owner is served they will be considered as per instructions above. However, once a NTO has been issued representations must be made in the form, manner and at the time specified on the notice and the owner must follow the instructions carefully.

Further information about Civil Parking Enforcement (including PCN’s and NTO’s) is available online at Link to External Website

The Council will assess each case and if it is found the penalty notice was not issued correctly, the ticket will be cancelled and no payment will be required. Alternatively, if the Council feels that the notice was issued correctly, then a letter will be sent explaining the reasons for the decision.

The Council will also explain at this stage how an appeal may be made to an  at Link to External Website The adjudicators will consider each case and their decision is final.

The Council is a member of the Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London (Patrol) Adjudication Joint Committee.  The Joint Committee publishes an Annual Statement of Accounts which is subject to External Audit and the arrangements for 2011/12 can be found at the Patrol UK website Link to External Website

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