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Guidance for Making Comments on Planning Applications

The Council welcomes your comments and will give them careful consideration. Please search for the relevant planning application and submit your comments by clicking on the Comment on this Application tab. 

Please Note: If you do not submit your objection/comments within the 21 day consultation period you may be too late and the decision may have been made.


The Council has to decide the planning application in accordance with the Development Plan and any other relevant factors, such as road safety, noise or smells from the development, the loss of trees or open space, damage to wildlife, the appearance of the new buildings, loss of light or privacy and the benefits of the proposal in providing homes or jobs.

Speaking at Committee

You can ask to speak at Committee before a decision is made. Unfortunately, this does not apply to householder applications. Requests should be made using the details below within 21 days of the date of this letter. The applicant will also be given a chance to speak. Only one person from each side can speak and for 5 minutes only. You may be asked questions but you cannot take part in the debate, or vote.

For householder applications, please contact your local Councillor, who you can ask to speak for you.


Your Councillors will be happy to listen to your point of view.  However, they will need a full picture of the facts, and to listen to opposing arguments before they can make a decision. Find out who your local councillor is.

Site Visits

A planning officer will visit the site and may need to make arrangements to view it from private property.

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