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Important advice to applicants and agents


Application for Advertisement Consent


List of required information

Your application will not be registered if the relevant information is missing

The following is the Local List of information which will be required. This is in addition to the National Requirements referred to on the application form. Please read the list carefully, refer to the Guidance Note if necessary, and submit the relevant information.

  • The development must be described fully and accurately in the forms.
  • All forms must be signed and dated.
  • All the relevant questions on the form must be answered fully and accurately.
  • 3 copies of a clear, scaled Ordnance Survey based location plan must be submitted with at least two (if practicable) named roads, the numbers of all adjacent properties, the proposed position of the advertisement and the direction of north shown. The application site must be edged clearly with a red line and a blue line must be drawn around any other land owned by the applicant.
  • 3 copies of good quality drawings must be submitted which provide full information about the advertisement showing its size, position on the land or building, materials to be used, colours, height above ground and extent of projection.
  • If the advertisement is to be illuminated you must give full details of the method of illumination including the colour.
  • 3 copies of existing and proposed sections must be submitted at a scale of not less than 1:100.
  • 3 copies of plans showing the advertisements in the context with adjacent buildings must be submitted.
  • All drawings must be clearly marked with unique reference numbers and be clearly dimensioned, including dimensions to boundaries.
  • Drawings must show, where appropriate, existing vehicular and pedestrian access points, visibility splays and gradients.
  • Drawings must show trees and shrubs to be removed or retained and details of new landscaping including new trees and shrubs to be planted.

The following may be required depending on the proposal. Please refer to the Guidance Note for advice.

  • Lighting assessment (where illuminated advertisements are proposed)
  • Photographs/Photomontages
  • Planning Statement

This list is not necessarily exhaustive and other points may be identified when your application is received.

If you need advice on any of these points, please see the relevant Guidance Note or contact the Duty Planning Officer. 

In order to deal with your application quickly we need all the information asked for on the application form.

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