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Homes, Spaces, Places | Shaping Tameside for tomorrow


About the Plan

Homes, Spaces, Places, is intended to be the last of four plans which collectively will replace the saved policies of the Council’s Unitary Development Plan. It will be prepared in conformity with Places for Everyone and set out a complementary vision, strategy and range of policies.
It will consider broad locations and specific allocations of land for different purposes and through designations show areas where particular considerations will apply whilst delivering against the targets and strategy of Places for Everyone.

Integrated Assessment Scoping

The first step of preparing the plan is to establish the scope of what is known as an Integrated Assessment.
An Integrated Assessment or IA is a key part of the process of evaluating a plan as it is written, it shows in a transparent and open way that the plan prepared is the most appropriate strategy, given reasonable alternatives.  Because of this relationship between the Integrated Assessment and any plan, work has to start on this first.


 The public consultation on the scope of the Integrated Assessment (IA) closed on 29th August 2023. 

The feedback received from residents, businesses and organisations will help inform and shape the framework and a revised IA Scoping Report will be available to view here soon.
Next Steps
Later this year we’d like your help in defining the scope of Homes, Spaces and Places and help us to identify the key local spatial issues that should be addressed by the plan.
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