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GM Keeping Well Resources

Keeping Well at Home

Our older residents are more affected by this present crisis than most. This page will include guidance and advice to help support our older residents.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the University of Manchester have produced a guide to help older people keep well at home.

The booklet is packed full of health and dietary advice, including a programme of standing and sitting strength and balance exercises.

It gives useful tips on keeping minds active, eating and drinking at home and safety.

Keeping Well this Winter

The Aging Hub and partners have produced a campaign to support older people with practical information to keep well this winter.
Additional information has been included following feedback from the Keeping Well at Home booklet. These include:
  • how to stay safe from Covid-19
  • getting a flu vaccination
  • a series of strength and balance exercises to do at home
  • how to maintain a healthy mind
  • healthy eating
  • fire safety at home
  • how to apply for pension credit
  • how to avoid scams

Over 7000 printed copies have been delivered across the borough, and additional materials are available below:

Additional Resources