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To tackle social isolation in Tameside, businesses join the Take A Seat scheme!


To help older people feel more confident about leaving their homes, Southway Housing in Partnership with Tameside Council are encouraging local businesses to sign up to the ‘Take a seat’ scheme. This scheme helps to tackle social isolation, and encourages older people to have peace of mind that they have somewhere to sit if they get tired and possibly use the toilet should they feel the need. This supports Tameside’s intention to be more inclusive, accessible and age-friendly which is in line with Tameside Council’s Population Health Age Friendly Communities approach.

Inspired by a similar project in New York City, the scheme simply asks local businesses to make seats, toilets and a drink of water available to people who may need them. Businesses that sign up to the scheme are also given a checklist of ways to make their premises more age- and dementia-friendly. They are encouraged to display clear signs, store items within easy reach, and keep floors clutter-free.

The idea has already been successfully implemented and delivered in south Manchester by Southway Housing and is now being rolled out across the Greater Manchester region.

We are pleased to bring this scheme to Tameside, to encourage older people to get out and about into the local community, meeting friends and new people in the area, increasing their opportunities to both actively age and socialise/join local groups e.g. choirs, art classes, bingo, walking groups, or just have a chat at our many chatty groups such as knit and natter.

‘Take a seat’ ties in with the Mayor of Greater Manchester’s ambitions to make Greater Manchester the UK’s first age-friendly city region, and is part of wider plans designed to make our shops and local town centres more accessible to all, benefiting both local people and local economies.

If you would like to sign your business up to the Take A Seat scheme, please contact Cathy Ayrton:

For more information visit the Southway Housing Trust website