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New or Replacement Bins Frequently Asked Questions

New / Replacement Bins
New or replacement bins have been chargeable, since 31 January 2022. The prices increased to £26.50 per bin for replacement/additional recycling bins from April 2022. The prices will remain the same for 2023-24.
What changed and Why?
Charging for replacement bins.

Continuing pressures caused by the coronavirus pandemic, increased demand for services and government cuts of almost £200 million over the last 10 years, mean the council is faced with having to make savings of another £23 million to balance the budget for the financial year 2021-22.

By introducing a charge of £26.50 per bin for replacement/additional recycling bins, it will generate/save £190k a year. This strategy will help safeguard vital services such as supporting vulnerable children and adults.

The changes we’ve agreed have been shown to work very well following feedback and included provision for extra bin capacity for larger households and a fee waiver for new bins in certain circumstances.

There is help for large families who need extra bin space or households that can’t afford a replacement bin. See below.
Can I have additional recycling bins – black or blue bin?
Yes. You can order additional black or blue bins online at or by contacting us using the details at the top of this letter. ALL bins that are ordered will have to be paid for. There is help for people on low incomes. See below.
Please note the new black and blue bins are now larger 240L bin.
Can I leave out extra recycling?
As long at the material you are leaving out is clearly identifiable as recyclable material the crews will collect it. We won’t collect additional general waste or waste we cannot identify as recyclable material.
What if I cannot afford a new or replacement bin?
The fee for a new or replacement bin can be waived in certain circumstances, those circumstances are in the Waste Strategy and Enforcement Policy and are as follows:
There will be situations where the charge for a new or replacement bin can be waived, including for example:

  • A bin has fallen into the collection vehicle and the crew has confirmed this.
  • When a bin has been vandalised/damaged/failed and is beyond use.
  • Meeting the conditions of the Exceptional Circumstances Policy, where service users meet the requirements for additional capacity.
  • An individual named as the occupant/householder, who qualifies for means tested benefits and can evidence that position.
  • Justification by a Supervisor or member of the Waste management team.
The following link provide more detail:​