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Marriages and Civil Partnerships

For marriages outside England or Wales, or marriages of people with special needs or requirements, contact the Superintendent Registrar for advice.

1. The Denyer and Richardson Suite. Available from the 1st January 2024.

Named in honour of former Dukinfield Mayors Robin Denyer and Frank Richardson, the Denyer and Richardson Suite is the perfect venue for your wedding ceremony. An intimate room, tastefully decorated, where family and friends can witness your Marriage.


Located within Dukinfield Town Hall, a historic building built in the domestic gothic style of the early twentieth century and located in the centre of Tameside.
The room is licenced by the Local Authority for wedding parties of up to 24 people including the couple to be married, with no exceptions.
You will also be able to have photographs taken on the Town Hall staircase once your ceremony has ended.


The fees for marriages in the Denyer and Richardson Suite, including your marriage certificate are as shown below:
  • Tuesday to Friday        £120 plus £12.50 for your marriage certificate - £132.50 in total
  • Saturday mornings      £150 plus £12.50 for your marriage certificate - £162.50 in total

To book a ceremony in the Denyer and Richardson Suite please call Tameside Register Office please call 0161 342 5032.
The full ceremony fee including your £100 non-refundable deposit, will be payable in full at the time of booking. 
If you cancel your ceremony with us, we will refund you the ceremony fee minus the deposit.
Please note that due to the nature of the room we do not allow entrances as part of your ceremony. The bridal couple will be seen together in the ceremony room before the guests are seated. Please inform the Registrars on the day of the ceremony if the bride would like to make an entrance as this can be accommodated after the legal paperwork has been completed.
2. Tameside Register Office. Available from the 1st January 2024.
Tameside Register Office is the perfect room for couples who require a simple ceremony. Situated in Dukinfield Town Hall, The Register Office room overlooks the statue of Colonel Robert Duckenfield, a local hero of the English Civil War. The room is tastefully decorated, with a light and airy feel.

Town Hall

The Register Office is strictly limited to the couple who are getting married and two witnesses only, with no exceptions. If you wish to have any more than two guests (including children) or a photographer present at your ceremony, you should choose our larger room.
Tameside Register Office is only available on Tuesday mornings and the fee for the ceremony, including your marriage certificate is £57 From 28th May 2024 there will be a statutory price increase £68.50 which includes your marriage certificate.
To book a ceremony at Tameside Register Office please call us on 0161 342 5032.
A £57 non-refundable ceremony fee will be taken at time of booking From 28th May 2024 a £68.50 non refundable ceremony fee will be taken at the time of booking


Tameside Approved Premises


View the list of approved premises in Tameside

View the list of approved premises in Tameside


For premises outside Tameside, contact the Register Office covering the district of the building(s).
To book a marriage at an Approved Premises, you must contact the proprietor of the building. You will also need to book a Registrar to conduct the ceremony – fees are detailed on the Guidance to Applicants for Approval of Premises as Venues for Civil Marriages. The current fee is £342.50 plus the certificate cost of £11.00 Upon booking, a non-refundable deposit of £100 is payable. From 28th May 2024 there will be a statutory price increase to the certificate fee to £12.50.  The total fee will be £355.00 including the cost of the certificate



Church of England or Church in Wales

To marry in either of the above, one or both parties generally must live in the church parish, or regularly attend the church. The minister will arrange for the Banns to be called or for a Common Licence to be issued. The marriage will also be registered by the minister. The minister will advise you if the Register Office needs to be contacted.
Search for Religious Buildings in Tameside

Search for Religious Buildings in Tameside



Other Places of Religious Worship

The religious building in question must normally be located within the registration district where you or your partner live, or, be a place of regular worship for either of you. The service will be conducted by the religious leader of the venue. Occasionally a Registrar is required to register the marriage.

To book a marriage, contact the religious leader of the house of worship, and the local Superintendent Registrar where necessary.

Statutory Notice of Marriage/Notice of Civil Partnership

You are required by law to give notice of marriage. You must attend the Register office in the district in which you reside in order to give notice.
If you live in Tameside, please call 0161 342 5032 for an appointment.


A marriage notice is only valid for 12 months, and is only valid for the venue where the ceremony is to take place. After giving notice, if you change venue, you will be required to give another notice.

When you attend your appointment, you must bring documents to confirm your name, age, marital status and nationality, including:
  • A current valid passport. 
    • If you do not have a valid passport, you must bring a full birth certificate (if you were born after 1 January 1983, a copy of your mother’s full birth certificate or passport is required). You will also need to provide a form of photo ID, e.g. driving licence.
  • Proof of address in Tameside. One of the following is acceptable:    
    • Utility bill - dated within 2 months; bank statement - dated within 1 month; or your most recent Council tax bill.
  • If you have been widowed, the death certificate of your spouse
  • If you are divorced, a decree absolute bearing the courts original stamp (if you were divorced outside the UK, please contact the Register office)
  • Any documents relating to change of name
You will be charged £35.00 each to give notice from 28th May 2024 there will be a statutory price increase to £42.00


Outdoor marriages and civil partnerships

For further info

For further info



Emergency “out of hours”

An emergency “out of hours” service is available for the following only:
  • A Registrars General Licence provides for a marriage to take place in circumstances where one of the parties is seriously ill and not expected to recover, and cannot be moved to a place where the marriage could normally be solemnized. Marriage by Registrar General’s licence cannot take place in a register office, approved premises or a registered building.

This service can be requested via the Council’s 24 hour emergency call centre on 0161 342 2222


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Tameside Approved Premises Register


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