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As well as the day to day challenges that you are used to managing in a business, there are risks of more serious disruption and occasionally emergencies, whether natural or man-made.

No-one likes to think about things going wrong, but doing a few things now could save you a lot of trouble later on. Preparing for serious disruptions can help you and your staff to deal with day-to-day difficulties as well. It might even help to improve efficiency and reliability, by highlighting the things that matter most.

If something happened today:

  • Do your staff know what to do in an emergency?
  • How long would it take to recover your computer and IT systems if there was a hardware failure or if they became infected? Would you lose important data?
  • Are all aspects of your business insured?
  • Are key skills and information held by only one or two members of staff? What if something happened to them?
  • Could you operate from a different location if you could not access your premises?
  • How long would your customers stay loyal if a disruption affected important deadlines?

You can find detailed advice and guidance on protecting your business here - Protecting Your Business

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