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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I obtain a permit to erect scaffolding?

Scaffolding companies wishing to apply for a permit to erect scaffolding have two options

  1. Apply for a permit on an ad-hoc basis
    you can complete the Ad-hoc scaffold application 2019-20 and post back to us with your payment and copy of your Public Liability Insurance (minimum £5,000,000).
  2. Apply to go on our Register
    you can complete the Scaffold Registration Form 2019-2020  here and return back to us with a copy of your public liability insurance (minimum £5,000,000).

Why apply to go on the register?

Companies are invited to join the council's registers, which run from April to March yearly.

Once you are on the register you can obtain your permits by emailing

To apply, fill in the Scaffold Registration Form 2019-2020

How much does it cost?

Scaffolding Registration (Annual Fee) £84.00
Scaffolding Permits (4 Weeks- Registered Companies) £84.00
Non-Permit Fee (Registered Companies) £156.00
Scaffolding Permits (4 Weeks - Unregistered Companies) £156.00
Non-Permit Fee (Unregistered Companies) £233.00


What are the Scaffold Regulations?

View Scaffold Regulations

How long does a Permit last for?

Your permit will last for 28 days from the date of issue.

How can I make a complaint regarding location/dangerous scaffolding?

Any complaints about the location or safety of scaffolding should be reported to us immediately by emailing or by telephone on 0161 342 2609. Non urgent complaints about scaffolding can be logged online and dealt with accordingly


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