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How do I obtain a permit to erect scaffolding?

Any scaffold which encroaches or projects over the highway requires a scaffold permit; these permits are only issued to the scaffolding/construction company by the authority where the scaffold is erected.

If you wish to apply for a permit to erect a scaffold within Tameside then you will need to fill out the Ad-hoc scaffold application 2023-24. This should be returned to us with a copy of your Public Liability Insurance (minimum £5,000,000) either via email to or posted back to us before the date the scaffold is to be erected.

To discuss the permit application process or if you have any queries please telephone 0161 342 8355

How do I join the scaffold register?

Scaffold companies are invited the join the council’s scaffold register which runs from April to March yearly. Upon joining the register the fees for scaffold permits are reduced, once you have registered you can obtain permits by emailing
To join the register, complete the Scaffold Registration Form 2023-2024 and return this with a copy of your Public Liability Insurance (minimum £5,000,000). The scaffold registration fee is stated below along with the fees for registered companies.

How much does it cost?

Scaffolding Registration (Annual Fee)


Scaffolding Permits (4 Weeks- Registered Companies)


Non-Permit Fee (Registered Companies)


Non-Permit Fee (Unregistered Companies)


What are the Scaffold Terms and Conditions?

The scaffold terms and conditions can be viewed below; these should be adhered to by all scaffold companies who are erecting a scaffold within Tameside. View Scaffold Regulations

Please ensure that the above terms and conditions are strictly adhered to at all times since failure to comply may result in Highways staff being called out, for which a charge will be incurred.

How long does a Permit last for?

Your permit will last for 28 days from the date of issue. Permits can be extended but you should notify TMBC prior to the existing permit end date, further permit charges will apply.

How can I make a complaint regarding location/dangerous scaffolding?

Any complaints about the location or safety of scaffolding should be reported to us immediately by completing the online complaint form