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Children in reception, year one and year two

By law, the largest class size for these children is 30. If all the places at your chosen school are already full, then the reasons the appeal panel can allow your appeal are limited to:
  • the admission arrangements have not been properly followed; or
  • the admission criteria are not legal according to the school admissions appeal code; or
  • the decision to refuse your child a place was not reasonable.You can only appeal for admission of your child to a particular school once a school-year unless there’s a major change in your circumstances, like you move house. Line break

If your child has been excluded from two or more schools you cannot appeal for two years from the date of the last exclusion.

How to appeal

You need to include the reasons for your appeal on our online form. 
Remember you are appealing about the school place you were refused, not about the school place you have been offered.

You should provide all the evidence you have to support your appeal.

The panel may not have copies of any documents you have previously sent with your school application. You must send them again if you want the panel to consider them. 
You can upload them with your appeal form, or email or post them after you have lodged your appeal.