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Primary School Transfers


Information for parents regarding in-year school transfers


School Transfers

Tameside Council believes that it is detrimental to any child’s education to transfer schools other than going into Year 7 at a new secondary school.

It is generally in your child’s best interest to remain at the same school for the whole of the Key Stage and ideally, the whole of the primary or secondary phase.

Studies show that many children experience difficulties settling into a new school and, in the majority of cases, attainment dips when a pupil transfers to another school. For example it can be difficult to join established friendship groups, the curriculum may be organised differently so your child may find they are repeating some units of work and have missed others, and they will have to get used to new routines and timetables.

In addition, it can often be the case that problems experienced in one school will recur in another. If your child is experiencing difficulties, please try to work through these with the staff at your current school. If you are still considering a move, please make an appointment with the headteacher to discuss any concerns you may have, and try to resolve them with the school.

A decision to move your child from one school to another should not be taken lightly and, in view of the upheaval it is likely to cause, should only be considered as a last resort. We do realise that, in certain circumstances, it may be necessary to transfer your child to another school, for example if you are moving house on a permanent basis and the distance would make it impossible to attend their current school. In these circumstances, however, we cannot guarantee a place will be available at a particular school.

If your child is experiencing difficulties

Children may be unhappy at school for a number of reasons. It is important that any issues are discussed openly with staff in order to solve any problems. Transferring schools does not usually benefit a child.

The transfer process

If you want to transfer your child to a school in Tameside, you must apply through Tameside Council even if you live in another area. If you want to apply for a school in another area, you will need to contact that area for further details of what you need to do.

If you are moving into Tameside or you wish to pursue a transfer, you should make your application via the Citizen Portal.

Please complete the form fully, or we may need to contact you for further information, which can delay the process. Once you have submitted the application, it will be imported into the Council’s system that evening.

Please check with the school that you are applying for if they need additional information such as proof of baptism for some Roman Catholic schools. If you do not provide this at the time of application, this could slow down the application process or result in you not being allocated a place at your preferred school. 

Parents will receive an offer of a school place through Tameside Council and this can take up to 20 school days.


In Year Fair Access Protocol

All local authorities have a Fair Access Protocol for in year transfers that ensures the speedy admission of pupils who may experience difficulty in being allocated a school place, for example, if they have been out of school for a long period of time. With specific short term exceptions, all schools in Tameside are participants in the protocol, which may result in schools admitting pupils over their published admission number.  


Further Information

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