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School Supervised Medication

If pupils need to take their own medicines it is essential that these are accompanied by written permission and instructions from the parent/guardian and/or GP, specifying the medication involved, circumstances under which it should be administered, frequency and levels of dosage.

Parents/guardians should hand over medicines to the appropriate member of staff so that they may be stored safely. The medicine should be clearly labelled with the child's name and dosage instructions, and the medicine should only be given to the named child.

Members of the school staff cannot be required to administer medicines. Where members of staff have agreed to administer medicines, only one member of staff should be responsible for this to avoid the risk of double dosing. The administration of drugs should be routinely entered into the Drug Record Book.

If parents/guardians consider that their child is capable and responsible, then a child should look after their own inhaler. Otherwise it should be kept safely and the child should have immediate access to it.