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 Service Charter - Car Parking


We will

  • Provide safe, regularly patrolled town centre parking
  • Provide special parking bays for disabled people
  • Monitor the parking facilities within the borough and help to keep traffic moving in areas where vehicles are parked in contravention to the road traffic order placed on the highway
  • Enforce the councils parking regulations in a fair and consistent manner

You have the right to

  • Be treated courteously by Parking attendants and Parking staff
  • Be provided with clear information of the service, tariffs and penalties
  • Appeal against Penalty charge notices

The Parking administration section promise

  • To provide an inquiry point at the council office during office hours. Mon–Wed 8.30–5.00, Thur 8.30–4.30, Fri 8.30–4.00
  • To respond to written inquiries within 5 working days

You can help us by:

  • Not parking in a restricted street during prescribed hours
  • Not parking or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force
  • Not parking in a permit space without displaying a valid permit
  • Not parking in a suspended bay/space or part of bay/space
  • Not parking in a parking place where restrictions prohibit a return within a specific time
  • Not parking in a place not designated for that class of vehicle
  • Not parking in a loading place during restricted ours without loading
  • Not parking for longer than permitted
  • Not parking in a designated disabled persons parking place without clearly displaying a valid disabled persons badge
  • Not parking on a Taxi rank
  • Not parking on a clearway where stopping is prohibited
  • Not parking on a restricted bus stop/stand
  • Not stopping in a restricted area outside a school
  • Not parking wholly or partly on a cycle track
  • Not parking a commercial vehicle in a restricted street in a contravention of the overnight ban
  • Not parking in contravention of a coach ban
  • Not parking in a restricted area of a car park
  • Not parking beyond bay markings
  • Not parking a vehicle that exceeds maximum weight and/or height permitted in the area
  • Not causing obstruction once parked

If you are unhappy

If you have had recent dealings with us and did not receive this level of service or are unhappy with the content of the above statement please let us know by making a complaint online

Report a Problem

Report a Problem


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