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Accounts Payable Team

Accounts Payable

Our mission is to provide a high quality payments service to all creditors courteously and efficiently.


We Will Endeavour To:

  • Make payments within agreed credit periods stated on your invoice or within 30 days if no terms are stated. The Payments team will pay your invoice within 30 days from the date we receive your invoice provided that it meets our invoice requirements. The Accounts Payable team process invoices in date received order.

For more information regarding the Invoice Payment process please read the Frequently asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I ensure prompt payment?

  • Send your invoices in promptly and adhering to the legal invoice requirements.
  • Ensure a Purchase Order Number is quoted on all invoices.
  • Ensure all invoices are addressed to Tameside MBC PO Box 304, Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside, OL6 0GA.
  • Telephone lines open 9.00am-16.30pm mon-wed, 9.00am to 4.00pm Thursday and 9.00am to 3.30pm Friday
  • Tameside MBC has a No Purchase Order No Payment Policy; all invoices received to the department without a valid purchase order number on the invoice will be returned.  To obtain a purchase order number, please get in touch with your Tameside MBC contact who will provide you with one.
  • Queries can be emailed to
  • Invoices are to be emailed to
  • If the invoice is in connection to Construction Industry Scheme work, that you itemised the Labour and Material value on the invoices.


What information is required on an invoice?

Whether you are a limited company or a sole trader, VAT registered or not, you are required to provide certain information on your invoices that you submit to Tameside MBC before a payment is made.

A valid PO is required for the following

Information Required Greater than £250.00 Less than £250.00
Identifying Number/Invoice Number Yes Yes
Date of supply/date of issue Yes Yes
Name, Address & VAT number of supplier Yes Yes
Name and Address of customer Yes Yes
Description/Quantity of supply and Unit cost Yes Yes
Net amount charged Yes No
Rate of VAT Yes Yes
Amount of VAT charged Yes No
Rate of discount (if applicable) Yes No
Tax Point Yes Yes
Total Charge including VAT Yes Yes


Where do we send our invoices?

Invoices must be sent electronically to or posted to Tameside MBC, FAO Accounts Payable Team, PO Box 304, Ashton-Under-Lyne, OL6 0GA

School orders must be send directly to the school address and not TMBC.


What payment options are available?

The Authorities preferred payment method is BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing System), available for UK bank accounts only. It provides a quick and easy way of transferring money from one bank account to another. Cheque payments will only be made in the event that a bank account payment is not possible.

Advantages of receiving a BACS payment:

  • Cleared funds available three working days from the payment processing date.
  • Fast payment directly to your bank account, avoids unnecessary trips to the bank.
  • We can email your remittance advice two working days before you receive the payment, this improves cash allocation for larger companies and reduces our paper usage.


How do I avoid receiving a late payment?

Late payments may occur because:

  • The invoice has been sent to the wrong address or does not state Tameside MBC.
  • The invoice does not state the required information.
  • No official purchase order number or contact details of the person who placed the order is stated.
  • Incorrect price or quantity information.
  • There is a dispute regarding the goods or service with the person who raised the order.

Any invoices which do not contain sufficient or inaccurate information or there is dissatisfaction with the goods and service will be marked as disputed. Disputed invoices will be sent back to you explaining the reason why is has been returned. Please ensure invoices have been completed correctly before submitting to the Authority for payment, to avoid any delays to the payment being made.


Do you accept a copy invoice?

A copy invoice will be accepted provided that it is marked ‘True and authenticated copy’ and be appropriately certified.


If I need to contact your office regarding a payment query what information do I need available?

To enable the Creditors team to assist you promptly please quote your:

  • Unique Creditor ID reference (this is stated on all payment remittances).
  • The invoice number and full amount of the invoice.
  • • Purchase order number (if available) this will start 4 and are 8 digits.
  • The date and address of where the invoice was sent to.

Please do not contact the Creditors team if you are querying payment receipt of an invoice which is less than 30 days from us receiving. Every effort is made to adhere to unique terms but it is not always possible due to the large volume of invoices which are received.


I am unhappy with this service how do I complain?

All complaints are taken seriously and are welcomed as opportunities to learn and develop to help towards improving our service delivery to our valued customers. If you have had recent dealings with us and are unhappy with the customer service you received please send us a message, this will enable us to look at the problem and resolve. If you still feel we have not handled the problem acceptably then you have the right to make a complaint by using the contact details below;

Contact information

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0161 342 3818
Tameside MBC
FAO Accounts Payable Team
PO Box 304
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