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Service Charter


Environmental Protection

We will:

  • Keep a database of alarm Keyholders to help minimise noise nuisance complaints. Each year we aim to add an extra 300 addresses to the list.
  • Inspect all industrial premises and processes registered with or licensed by the Council for pollution control purposes at a rate consistent with the degree of risk presented.
  • Provide daily updates on air quality within the Borough (applies to working days only)
  • Review the environmental impact of planning permission applications within 10 days.

You can help us by:

  • provide reasonable access in order for the Division to make investigations and inspections
  • provide any information requested by the Division in order to progress investigations (e.g. diary sheets etc)

If you are unhappy

If you have had recent dealings with us and did not receive this level of service or are unhappy with the content of the above statement, please use the details below to make a complaint.

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Environmental Protection
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