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Integrated Services for Children with Additional Needs (ISCAN)

Who we are

Our team consists of social workers , service coordinators behaviour therapist, transition social worker & health professionals who work with children and young people ranging from aged 0-18  who have a substantial and permanent disability or medical condition. We are based across two centres, Jubilee Gardens in Droylsden and Rowan House in Hyde.

What we do

Working in partnership with other agencies we help families identify and prioritise their concerns, learn about service options and understand and plan for their child's needs. This process is called assessment and may lead to the provision of services if appropriate.
If services are provided they will be monitored and reviewed by the Lead Professional this is called a coordinated package of care.

What services?

Services are provided in order to support families and avoid whenever possible disruption to family life. Services should seek to minimize the effect of their disabilities and help children to lead lives which are as normal as possible.

Services include:

  • A wide range of short break opportunities to allow the young person to access a range of activities and clubs
  • Parent support groups
  • Portage
  • Domiciliary care.
  • Direct Payments
  • Short breaks away from the family in a residential home
  • Early Support
  • Provision of information on parenting, family issues and disability.
  • Advice, support
  • A range of therapies relevant to your child's needs
  • Advice on Behaviour and Communication
  • Carers Assessment

How do we work?

The team are committed to child centred philosophy. However, we recognise that each family has its own unique set of circumstances and the impact of a child's disability will be experienced differently in each case. We work with families on an individual basis concentrating on those times when help is most needed we work with a child centred approach.

How to contact us

If you already have a worker from ISCAN please contact the centre at:

Postal Address Jubilee Garden, Gardenfold Way, Droylsden, M43 7XU.
Telephone Number 0161 371 2060
Send Electronic MessageSend a Message to the Integrated Team for Children with Disabilities

If you are new to accessing services, please contact:

 The Access Point St Peters Centre Trafalgar Square, Ashton-under-Lyne,OL7 0LL
Telephone Number 0161 366 2050