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About Tameside Loves Reading

tameside reading
Tameside Loves Reading is a three-year programme that will act as an umbrella to a range of services, projects, initiatives and strategies being delivered to children, young people and adults across the borough, harnessing a love and enjoyment of reading and improving literacy skills.
Tameside Loves Reading also encompasses Tameside Reading Volunteers and will be working with partners across the borough to raise the profile of reading, ensuring that it is enjoyed by all, as well as being made a priority, supporting literacy development and is embedded in the home.


Aims of Tameside Loves Reading

  • To encourage a love of reading
  • To improve reading skills and wider educational achievement in children and young people to help them secure better work and life opportunities.
  • To offer a wider range of reading choices and broaden views to develop and extend the reading experience · use reading to inspire creativity and imagination
  • Promote literacy skills and raise educational standards
  • Promote social interaction, conversation and community experiences through reading
  • Encourage more parents, grandparents and carers to read with their children, supporting the home learning environment
  • Inspire a wider love and enthusiasm for books and reading among Tameside families
  • Recognise the importance of speech, language and communication for the development of children’s reading skills.
  • Work with partners and businesses across the borough to raise the profile of reading