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Theatre and Special Events in Tameside

All of our live theatre events are currently postponed until further notice.  This is in response to the latest government advice to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Any dates of live performances below are currently provisional and will be confirmed depending upon the latest government advice and guidance. The health and safety of both our audience and performers is always our main priority.

For more frequent updates on the status of our events moving forward, you can follow us on twitter @tmbc_culture.


Family Theatre Programme
We aim to provide a balanced and professional family arts and theatre programme. We generally use our galleries, libraries and community spaces to host our theatre programme.

We also want to make the performances as relaxed as possible; however, some of the shows may contain flashing lights and/or loud noises. We are working to increase the spaces we use, however some may not have the best access depending upon the venue.

We will include venue and show accessibility information with all of our performances. We are happy to discuss any specific needs, the accessibility of our performances and any adjustments that may be required.

Summer Theatre in the Park Programme
Our outdoor summer theatre series traditionally runs in a variety of urban parks across the borough. These parks generally have excellent access and facilities. We try to ensure these events are only held in parks with accessible welfare facilities. Our contact number is on all of our promotional material and our staff are happy to discuss any specific needs, the accessibility of our performances and any adjustments that may be required.

Special Events


Monday 15th – Friday 19th FEB 2021
Live-Filmed Online Performance


A Half Moon and Z-Arts co-production

Put your sofa in the front row with a digital production of Dust, live-recorded at Half Moon Theatre and professionally filmed and edited. Join us for an online performance that puts the best seats in the house into your own home.
When Little Titch and her scruffy rucksack arrive, at the giant, pink house, it is not what she expected - a blanket of thick grey dust covers everything in sight and it is wild and overgrown. Her new home is cold and unwelcoming until she meets Nelly, a flamboyant and loveable hoarder. Together the pair discover they have more in common than they first thought and that friendship can heal hidden wounds.
Written by acclaimed award winning children’s author Laura Dockrill (Darcy Burdock book series, Big Bones) Dust uses exquisite poetic language to explore a heartfelt story about love, loss, identity and memory. With haunting music by Hugo White of The Maccabees, this striking and emotional new play is a joyous reminder about just how playful the world can be.
Dust is a Half Moon and Z-arts co-production: an exciting collaboration by the UK’s leading small-scale young people’s venue and touring company and Manchester’s unique and award-winning venue for children and families.
This live-recorded play has closed captioning for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences and is also available with British Sign Language.
How will it work?
You can get tickets through our box office for this show and we will send you a direct link and password, this link will remain active for the duration of half term so you can watch the show at a time most convenient to you, or watch it multiple times if you want.
Pay What You Can

We have adopted a “Pay What You Can” model for this show. It is entirely up to you how much you pay, our partners have suggested a minimum family price of £3. But regardless of how much you pay, you will be able to access the same fantastic show.
Dust trailer -
Suitable for ages 4-9+ and their grown-ups
Showtime 10.00am onwards

Ticket Info PWYC each ticket will cover 1 household
Online via Vimeo Link
Online Box Office: or call 0161 342 4144

When Another Dragon Roars

Tuesday 6th April 2021
Online hybrid performance (live and pre-recorded elements) ​


Presented by Petite Ullaloom and Altered Scale Theatre

The two of them are going camping – to get away fromeverything. To have some quality time.
Alfie finds it hard to talk, his Mum does too.
They share stories about dragons – scary ones, sulky ones, angry ones, funny ones - and discover that emotions, like dragons, are tricky beasts. Sometimes they need to be tamed; sometimes they need to be released.
Told with charm and humour and with the companies’ unique visual storytelling style, When Another Dragon Roars is a thoughtful and heart-warming show for children and adults alike.

Directed by Kevin Dyer

Suitable for ages 5 plus and their grown-ups
Showtime tbc
Online platform tbc
Online Box Office: or call 0161 342 4144

Dommy B’s Best Adventure Ever!

Tuesday October 26th 2021
Live performance

Presented by Dominic Berry

Big Imaginations regular and CBeebies 'Rhyme Rocket' poet Dommy B goes back on tour with 'Dommy B's Best Adventure Ever!', a fantastically fun show for children 5+ and their families.

Dommy B's Best Adventure Ever! is an engaging and hilarious show full of rhymes, silliness, and a lot of joining in, as the audience help Dommy B embark on his greatest challenge yet!

 Welcome to a normal, everyday primary school. The children here have the same worries as any children in any primary school would have... dealing with task-setting teachers, horrible homework, scary school bullies... plus, of course, magic-casting goblins and smelly dragons! How does anyone even just get safely through to the end of the day?

The audience will guide the action as Dommy B improvises around their suggestions, creating a whole fantastical world on stage with only his words and imagination. 

Dommy B's charming shows have toured around theatres, festivals and schools nationally and world-wide, delighting children and presenting them with lovable, accessible poetry.

Dommy B says, “I love performing kid’s shows because children make the best audiences! As well as loads of fun, I’m hoping to offer my audiences a really good experience of poetry, so that they’ll see that it’s not boring, or something that you’ve got to be a grown up to understand and enjoy. It’s something everyone can join in with, and most importantly have a great time listening to!”

Suitable for ages 5 plus and their grown-ups
Showtime 11.00am and 2.00pm
Astley Cheetham Gallery, Trinity St, Stalybridge, SK15 2BN
 Tickets £3.50 per child, accompanying adult free (max 1 per child).*

*Tickets will be available for this performance in early 2021 depending upon the relevant Covid-19 guidance…

Theatre in the Parks 2021

We want to continue hosting our live “Theatre in the Parks” series in 2021 and are currently working on the programme for this. As you can imagine, in light of the pandemic and relevant restrictions this is somewhat complicated. It is likely that if we do to continue the live programme there will be some major changes, compared to what has happened previously. We will update this page as the situation develops.

Theatre in the Parks 2020

Some of the digital content for the 2020 series is still available to watch online, see the details below.


Wilford’s Lockdown Garden


Presented by Pif-Paf Theatre Ltd

"LIVE from Wilford’s Lock Down Garden. Join Slug battler and Seed planter Wilford - reluctant star of the SEED show - and his only mate Napoleon the Chicken as they are holed up at a top secret destination trying to get some planting done and battling the Slugs as they try to get over the hedge. 

 Think Peter Rabbit meets Mad Max via Heath Robinson - live streamed especially for the people of Tameside"

A recording of the live stream of this show from 12th August is still available to watch via Pif-Paf Theatre’s facebook page

Click here to go to Pif-Paf Theatre’s Facebook page for the live stream.


Obby’s Juggling Workshops


Presented by Circus Sensible

Obbys’ Juggling Workshops- YouTube Stream
These workshops will go live on our YouTube channel on Wednesday 19th August at 10.00am
With two different workshops, one aimed at 5-8yrs, the other 8-13yrs plus an amazing master class performance from Circus Sensible’ s marvellous Obby. These workshops will inspire and amaze, they are easy to follow and in no time you can learn one of the oldest circus skills from your own home. Don’t worry if you can’t find 3 balls, you could always use balled up socks, that’s right socks.

If you want to know more about this show click here.

Click here to go to our YouTube channel, these brilliant workshops go live from 9.00am, 19th August 2020.



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