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What can my business or organisation do?

Tameside’s local businesses have a key role to play in us becoming a carbon-neutral borough. We can provide support and knowledge on how to effectively cut your businesses/organisations carbon footprint.

If you are a local business and you are not sure how to begin to work more sustainably, here are four basic steps to use as a guide;
  • Calculate your annual carbon emissions from your business related activities.
  • Identify where you can reduce resource consumption and/or emissions.
  • Link locally to engage a supply chain on your doorstep.
  • Every so often review your impact and adjust activities accordingly.
Encourage Employees to Travel Sustainably
Traveling sustainably includes getting work by walking, cycling, car sharing or using Public Transport.

Walking and cycling, even once or twice a week, reduces carbon emissions and is great for keeping fit and healthy. To encourage cycling you can provide a safe and secure cycle storage area.

If someone’s journey to work is too far to walk or cycle, car sharing or public transport reduces carbon emissions- and saves sitting in traffic and the stress and expense of parking!

You can support your employees by informing them that they can save money, improve their health and protect the environment by travelling sustainably to work.

Join other Refill Stations in Tameside
Through the Refill Scheme we are encouraging everyone to use reusable water bottles and refill for free at Refill Stations across Tameside.

If you are a local business in Tameside and are interested in helping us cut plastic pollution, visit for more information and a list of locations.

Contact to request a refill station.

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