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No Cold Calling Zones

No cold calling zones are streets where the residents have decided they do not want uninvited salespeople to call at their homes. The scheme should give householders within the zones the confidence to say “No” to cold callers and direct them out of the area.

The following streets in Tameside are No cold calling zones: -


Street Postcode
Ainsworth Close M34 2PZ
Ashbourne Road M34 2ED
Ashbrook Avenue M34 2QJ/2GW
Ashbrook Close M34 2QA
Auburn Road M34 2FB
Bowland Road M34 2GD
Brierley Close M34 2FA
Brooklands Avenue M34 2BT
City Gardens M34 2DB
Clarkson Close M34 2DS
Coniston Close M34 2EW
Coppice Walk M34 2DE
Delamere Road M34 2QD/2QB
Derwent Close M34 2FW
Epping Road M34 2GB
Fairbourne Road M34 2FD
Fairview Avenue M34 2GX
Fairview Road M34 2EG/2EQ
Fairway Court, Stanley Road M34 3QW
Harris Avenue M34 2PX/2PP
Harris Close M34 2PU
Haweswater Close M34 2FP
Heathfield Avenue M34 2DP
High Bank M34 2JH
Hill View Road M34 2FQ
Jackson Gardens M34 2EH
Kennedy Way M34 2DG/2DR
Kingsley Close M34 2DY
Lower Fold M34 6BP
Low Wood Road M34 2PD/2PE
Marsland Close M34 2PT
Mere Close M34 2GA
Millbrook Avenue M34 2DU/2DQ
Palmerston Close M34 2NQ
Palmerston Road M34 2NZ/2NY
Radnor Avenue M34 2QT
Regent Drive M34 2EA
Ross Lave Lane M34 2DX
Ruskin Avenue M34 2FE/2DZ
Rydal Close M34 2FL
Sherwood Road M34 2QE
Stanley Road M34 3QW
Thompson Close M34 2PQ
Thompson Court M34 2PG
Thompson Road M34 2PW/2PY
Tomcroft Lane M34 2DL
Town Lane 137 – 210 M34 2DJ/2DN/2DW
Warren Close M34 2DT
Windermere Avenue M34 2EN/2FN
Withy Tree Grove M34 6LS
Wood Hey Grove M34 6LN


Street Postcode
Lyme Grove M43 6EY
Short Avenue M43 6UA


Street Postcode
Rochester Close SK16 5DG


Street Postcode
Rufford Avenue SK14 2SG
Walker Close SK14 5PJ
Walker Fold SK14 2SF


Street Postcode
Hawke Street SK15 2PQ
Springs Lane SK15 1DX
Park Rise SK15 1DZ
Park Close SK15 1JG
Springs Rise SK15 1HH
Stamford Grove SK15 1LZ
Victoria Street SK15 1NB

For more details on No cold calling zones contact Trading Standards:

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