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Tameside Wellbeing Corner

Tameside Wellbeing Corner

Knowing what services, support, advice and help are out there is important to us all. We want to feel informed, in the know, be able to find support and ask for help when needed to help us to feel good, healthy and happy.

The Tameside Wellbeing Corner helps to do just that!

Based in Ashton Indoor Market, the Tameside Wellbeing Corner offers the public an opportunity to get to know what services are available in Tameside, which is good to know should you ever need to use it.

Different services will be based in the Wellbeing Corner to let you know about what they offer and how they can support and benefit you, your family, a friend or a loved one.

One day Be Well Tameside could be based in the Wellbeing Corner giving health and wellbeing advice, practical tips to quit smoking, lose weight, be more active and much more, the next day there could be Routes to Work present supporting people to gain employment and skills and give general advice on employment options, the following week could feature a public consultation to find out what you think on the consultation being carried out during that time.

There is a private consultation pod based within the Wellbeing Corner to give you privacy when speaking to an advisor, completing referral forms or applications.

There will be a variety of different services each week so be sure to check to see what’s on and when. Why not check out the Tameside Wellbeing Corner next time you’re in or around Ashton to see what’s on?

You could plan your next day out in Ashton, how about a walk around the town, check out what the local businesses have to offer, have a wander over to the Tameside Wellbeing Corner to see the service based there that day for support and advice and then pop into Tameside One Library on your way home? Sounds like a great day out.


For more information about the Tameside Wellbeing Corner, please email


Are you a local service and want to get involved?

It would be great to have local services even more linked up and visible within the community for our residents. Take a look below to see if the Tameside Wellbeing Corner could be useful for you…


If you think your service and the public would benefit from being based at the Tameside Wellbeing Corner and would like to get involved to engage with the public, you will need to complete an application form to get your place.

For more information about the Tameside Wellbeing Corner or to get the application form, please email  


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