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Vehicle Crime

Image of a thief breaking into a carMost vehicle crime is opportunistic and therefore preventable. By following some simple advice, and working together, we can ensure that this type of crime is reduced.

Keep it Hidden

It's best never to leave anything on view in your car as this can encourage the criminals to target your vehicle. if you have to leave anything valuable in your vehicle, lock it in the boot where it is out of sight.

Thieves often spot an opportunity and this is where most vehicle crime is committed. For example when you leave something attractive to a passing criminal like some lose change, a bag, phone or sat nav. Watch this for info and advice on Vehicle Crime and Security....

Tips to reduce vehicle crime

Help to make sure you're not affected by following these simple safety tips:

  • Register your valuables on Link to External Website
  • Don't leave the equipment in the glove compartment – thieves will usually check there first
  • Don't leave anything on view in your car. Thieves are opportunists and it only takes them moments to break into your car
  • Lock all doors and windows, not forgetting the sunroof, when leaving your car even if you only leave for a few seconds
  • Never leave the keys in the ignition when the car is unattended, even while you're paying for petrol
  • If you have a garage, keep your car in it and remember to lock both the car and the garage
  • Theft of number plates is an increasing trend - Stolen plates are often used in crime - Consider having your plates secured with anti tamper screws