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Children in Care Council

ListenThe Children in Care Council meets twice per month either online via zoom or at Copley Youth Base. They are run by a Tameside Participation Officer, Debbie Wood and give young people, aged 11-16 who are in care, a chance to talk about things that really matter to them.

Through the CICC there are opportunities for young people in care to co-produce and help shape Tameside MBC’s support for cared for children. Some examples of how the CICC have been involved in shaping the offer for cared for young people are:
  • The Pledge – which was co-produced with the CICC
  • Changing the terminology used by professionals so that the term “cared for children” is used instead of LAC to refer to children who are in care.
  • Co-lecturing to trainee social workers at MMU to give those new to the profession an insight into life for cared for children.
  • Involvement in the interview process for positions within Childrens Services.

Copley Youth BaseFace to face meeting are held at:
Copley Youth Base
Huddersfield Road
For more information or to get involved, contact Debbie Wood
Tel: 07974838906

Or The Virtual School and College on:
0161 342 4085

Or speak to your social worker or carer.