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The deadline for postal vote applications for the 12 December 2019 Parliamentary Election was 5pm on Tuesday, 26 November 2019.

If you sent your application back after 30 October your postal vote will arrive on or around 4 December 2019. If you haven’t received your postal vote by 6 December please contact the team to arrange a re-issue. Please note we cannot arrange any re-issues before this date

If you are unable to make it to your Poll Station on Polling day you can apply to vote by post instead. Voting by post is secure and safe.

Postal ballot papers are usually dispatched within 10 working days prior to the Election / Referendum.

To ensure voting by post is secure you will need to provide your Date of Birth and Signature, also known as your personal identifiers. When the postal ballot paper has been returned, the personal identifiers are paired with the ones you used on the postal vote application.
Postal vote application form.

You must be registered to vote in order to apply for a postal vote.

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