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Roadworks Update

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The following roadworks are underway/programmed to begin shortly within the borough. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience these works may cause you.

photograph of a road closed sign photograph of two roadside roadworks signs


  • Park Parade/Scotland Street/BT Roundabout – Construction of new road layout and installation of new traffic signals. Works ongoing until January 2015.
  • ASDA Roundabout. (Oldham Rd/Cavendish St/Park Parade) Construction of new road layout. 18th August 2014 to March 2015
  • Public footpath no.37 - will be closed from 13 September to September 2014 whilst a vandalized footbridge is repaired.
  • Dale Street East - will be closed and have double yellow lines on from 25 November 2013 for 12 months whilst a new car park is constructed on the former Back Portland Street.
  • Mossley Road - will be closed from 22nd September 2014 to January 2015 whilst the railway bridge is demolished and rebuilt – works are in association with the electrification of the railway line. Enabling works will be undertaken prior to this. Traffic signals will be in place from early September 2014.
  • Booth Street – the cul de sac end will be closed from Fleet Street whilst development works are undertaken at Oakglade House until 22 September 2014
  • South Street – footway will be closed from 16th July for 4 months whilst works are undertaken to Oxley Threads.
  • Back Portland St – closed 18 August for 6 weeks whilst electricity works are undertaken.
  • ASH/139 – will be closed between Alt Hill Lane and Lees Road whilst a dangerous embankment is repaired.


  • Audenshaw Road – outside & opposite No 262. Two way temp signals, 6 to 17 October for Electricity works in the carriageway.


  • A57/M67/M60 Roundabout – traffic management will be in place from November 2013 to September 2014, whilst improvement works are undertaken to the roundabout, works will generally but undertaken at night, however some lane closures may be required during the school holidays.  Works are being carried out by the Highways Agency. (contact number 0300 123 5000)


  • Edge Lane – will be closed 19 October for 1 day whilst Electric works are undertaken
  • Edge Lane – o/s 173 two way signals, 11th to 15th October for repair to dangerous manhole
  • Littlemoss Road – two way signals will be in place from 3rd November to 5 December whilst works are undertaken to the railway bridge
  • Market Street – will be closed 25 and 26 October and 1 and 2 November. Two way traffic signals will be in place from 26 October to 1 November whilst resurfacing works are undertaken.
  • Sunnyside Road – Temporary traffic signals, 15 to 21 October. Carriageway patching.
  • Market Street – o/s No 3, two way signals 20 – 28 October gas works
  • Littlemoss Rd – two way signals, 15 Dec – 24 Dec, at railway bridge. Network Rail work.
  • Littlemoss Rd - two way signals, 7 Jan – 3 Feb 2015, at railway bridge. Network Rail work.
  • Northway – Road closure for carriageway resurfacing. 20 – 31 October.
  • Westway - Road closure for carriageway resurfacing. 20 – 31 October.


  • Park Road – opp Jubilee Ave, temp traffic lights 4 – 8 October due to sewer repair.


  • Pudding Lane Area Hyde – temporary closures of footpaths within the area of land surrounded by Wardle Brook Avenue and Underwood Road for redevelopment works from 7 March 2014 for six months.
  • Clarke Way junction Manchester Rd – Lane closure for manhole repair, 15 October. 7pm for 4hrs.
  • Union Street – near Clarendon Place, Lane closure due to carriageway collapse.
  • Simpson Street – road closure due to sewer collapse. 8 – 15 October.


  • Carrhill Road - is one way between its junction of Stockport Road and Roughtown Road whilst a wall is repaired. 
  • Mill Lane – at Railway Bridge. Road closure for 2 days (20 & 21 Oct 2014) for cleaning of bridge. (0800 - 1630hrs on both days)
  • Mossley Road/ Stamford Street – two way traffic signals will be in place from 31 March to October 2014 whilst works are undertaken to the retaining wall. The works will be approximately at the junction of the service road to Cross Farm. There is presently an unexpected delay in the works due to unidentified utilities which have been unearthed.
  • Lees Road – will be closed from 6 October for 4 weeks whilst electric works are undertaken. 
  • Mill Lane – Bridge repairs 4 to 9 January 2015. Road Closure (2100 – 0900hrs) overnight working for consecutive nights.


  • Footpath LON/68 – will be closed to pedestrian traffic whilst development works are undertaken at West End to the footpath that runs adjacent to Hurstclough Brook.
  • Hattersley Rd. West – Road closure between Fields Farm Road to Sandy Bank Avenue, from 6 October to 20 December (11 weeks). Whilst road works take place.
  • Booth Street – will be closed (weekends only) from 11 October for 6 weeks whilst water works are undertaken at the junction of Market Street.


  • Wakefield Road – o/s No 375. Temporary two way signals will be in place from 6 October to 17 October for United Utilities works.


  • None

For details of roadwork's outside the Borough of Tameside visit http://roadworks.org/ Link to External Website

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Page last updated: 13 October 2014