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Roadworks Update

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The following roadworks are underway/programmed to begin shortly within the borough. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience these works may cause you.

photograph of a road closed sign photograph of two roadside roadworks signs


  • Park Parade/Scotland Street/BT Roundabout – Construction of new road layout and installation of new traffic signals. Works on going until June 2015.
  • ASDA Roundabout. (Oldham Rd/Cavendish St/Park Parade) Construction of new road layout. The works are expected to be significantly completed by the end of March with the traffic signals operational in April.
  • ASH/139 – will be closed between Alt Hill Lane and Lees Road whilst a dangerous embankment is repaired. 
  • Mossley Road – outside the new Ashton Primary School site, Temporary traffic signals, 20 April to 20 May, for sewer connection to new building.
  • Rose Hill Road – junction Mossley Road to Palace Rd, Road closure 4 - 22 May. 
  • Manchester Road – banned right turn onto M60 junction 23 towards Oldham. From 13 April for approx. 2 weeks 8pm – 5am. Traffic management to assist carrigeway widening scheme. 


  • Lumb Lane o/s 120 Road Closure 29 May. Repair defective manhole frame and cove.
  • Shepley Road – refurbishment of River Bridge – 2 March to 19 June 2015. Temporary traffic lights.


  • Holland Street – o/s No 28, temporary traffic signals, 17 – 30 April, street lighting works. 


  • Astley Street – junction Hadfield Street, Road closure 28th June, to replace manhole in carriageway.
  • Park Road – o/s No 198, Road closure 28 June, to replace manhole in carriageway.
  • Barlow Road – o/s No 74, Road Closure, 9 July to replace manhole cover & frame.


  • Manchester Road – On the Canal Bridge, footway closure, 9 March to 17 April (alternative crossing provided).
  • A57 Mottram Road – Road Closed. 11th April for two weekends. Carriageway resurfacing.
  • Mottram Road – Halton Street to Lumb Road – Road Closure, 11 – 20 April for c/way resurfacing.
  • Market Street – Croft Street to Dowson Road, Road Closed on Sunday 21 June, (0600hrs -12noon) Tour of Tameside sports event.
  • Great Norbury Street – Day time road closure, (09:00hrs - 13:00hrs), Monday 27 April. Survey of railway bridge.
  • Great Norbury Street – Day time road closure, (0900hrs – 1700hrs), 15 – 19 June,
    Repairs to railway bridge.
  • Ashton Road – junc Cheetham Hill Road, Temporary traffic lights, 19 – 20 April, replacing manhole cover & frame.


  • Carrhill Road – is one way between its junction of Stockport Road and Roughtown Road whilst a retaining wall is repaired.
  • Staley Road – opp Tabley St. 2 way temporary signals. 5 March to 27 April. Gas work
  • Stamford Road – opposite No 9, temporary traffic signals, 29 April – 12 May, gas works in carriageway
  • Manchester Road – junc Egmont Street, temporary traffic signals 20 – 24 April, (2100hrs – 0600hrs) repairs to railway wall.
  • Manchester Road – o/s No 177, temporary traffic signals, 28 – 30 April, replace manhole cover & frame.


  • Broadbottom Road – outside No 104, temporary traffic signals, 21 - 22 April, replacing manhole cover & Frame.
  • Stockport Road – Side of Tesco, Lane closure, 28 April to 11 May for electricity works.


  • Footpath LON/68 – will be closed to pedestrian traffic whilst development works are undertaken at West End to the footpath that runs adjacent to Hurst Clough Brook.


  • School Crescent – junction The Close, temp traffic signals, 27 April to 1 May. Laying new gas service.
  • Stamford Street - Junction Wakefield Road, 18 – 24 March, Temporary traffic signals for Emergency sewer repair as highway has collapsed.
  • High Street – junction Forester Drive, temporary traffic signals, 23 April – 21 May, Gas mains renewal.


  • None

For details of roadwork's outside the Borough of Tameside visit http://roadworks.org/ Link to External Website

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