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Roadworks Update

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The following roadworks are underway/programmed to begin shortly within the borough. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience these works may cause you.

photograph of a road closed sign photograph of two roadside roadworks signs


  • Park Parade/Scotland Street/BT Roundabout – Construction of new road layout and installation of new traffic signals. Works on going until June 2015.
  • ASDA Roundabout. (Oldham Rd/Cavendish St/Park Parade) Construction of new road layout. Signals now operational to enable completion of the remodelling of the junction. Surfacing and kerbing works will continue through May. When surfacing completed road markings will follow and signals will be optimised to improve how the junction works.
  • ASH/139 – will be closed between Alt Hill Lane and Lees Road whilst a dangerous embankment is repaired. 
  • Mossley Road – outside Hartshead Inn PH, Temporary traffic signals, 27 April to 29 May, for highway works.
  • Boodle Street – junction Oldham Road, Road Closed, 22 June to 3 July for works to Gas Mains.
  • St Albans Ave – o/s No 49 to 38, temporary traffic signals, 22 May – 27 May for BT works.


  • Lumb Lane o/s 120 Road Closure 29 May. Repair defective manhole frame and cove.
  • Shepley Road – refurbishment of River Bridge – 2 March to 19 June 2015. Temporary traffic lights.
  • Audenshaw Rd – at the railway bridge, temporary traffic signals, 27 July – 23 August, Bridge repairs.



  • Craven Street – Road Closure between Canal Street and Manchester Road, 8 – 20 June for footway & carriageway works.
  • Market Street – will be one way from Manchester Road to Greenside Lane from 7am to 1pm on Sunday 17 and Sunday 24 May whilst a BT duct is repaired. Diversion will be via Greenside Lane and Manor Road
  • Hoppet Lane - will be closed from 26 May for 8 days whilst BT works are undertaken. Three way signals will be in place on Moorside Street during this time.


  • Hadfield Street - Road closure at junction of Astley Street, 28 June, to replace manhole in carriageway.
  • Park Road – o/s No 198, Road closure 28 June, to replace manhole in carriageway.
  • Park Road – o/s The Birches, temporary traffic signals, 27 – 29 May, replacing stop tap.
  • Barlow Road – o/s No 74, Road Closure, 9 July to replace manhole cover & frame.
  • Globe Lane – two way traffic signals will be in place whilst manhole frame and cover is reset between 24 May to 25 May (works will only be on site for 4 hours during this time)


  • Market Street – Croft Street to Dowson Road, Road Closed on Sunday 21 June, (0600hrs -12noon) Tour of Tameside sports event. 
  • Great Norbury Street – Day time road closure, (0900hrs – 1700hrs), 15 – 19 June, Repairs to railway bridge.


  •  Stamford Road – will be closed on Sunday 14 June 2015 for 1 day whilst an electric connection is undertaken
  • Carrhill Road – outside No 65 – 84, temporary traffic lights, 28 May for BT works.



  • Footpath LON/68 – will be closed to pedestrian traffic whilst development works are undertaken at West End to the footpath that runs adjacent to Hurst Clough Brook.
  • Footpath LON/1 - for its full length. 27 May to 27 Nov 2015. The diversion will be via a signed diversion adjacent to the public footpath. Maintenance works on electricity pylons


  • Bank Road- junction Moorlands Road, temporary traffic signals, 23 July to 17 Sept for gas works.
  • Public footpath STA/55 - from its junction with Huddersfield Rd to its junction with the footpath STA/58. 27 May to 27 Nov 2015. The diversion will be via footpath STA/52.
  • Public footpath STA/56 - from its junction with Huddersfield Rd for its full length. 27 May to 27 Nov 2015. The diversion will be via a signed diversion adjacent to the public footpath.
  • Public footpath STA/70 - for its full length. 27 May to 27 Nov 2015. The diversion will be via signed diversion adjacent to the public footpath.
    All public footpath closures are for Maintenance to electricity pylons.


  • A57 Snake Pass, Glossop - from its junction with Hurst Road, Glossop to its junction with the A6013, Ashopton will be closed from 1 June to 15 June 2015 to facilitate reconstruction of retaining wall.

The A57 will be closed from its junction with the A6013 Ashopton Road to its junction with Hurst Road in Glossop.
There will be no through route from Glossop to Sheffield and vice versa over the duration of the works
A diversion route will be in place which is as follows A6013 – A6187 – B6049 – A623 – A6 – A615 – A624 – A57 (to point of closure) and Vice Versa.


  • None

For details of roadwork's outside the Borough of Tameside visit http://roadworks.org/ Link to External Website

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Page last updated: 21 May 2015