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You're Never Too Young To Join The Library

You can download the invitation to join form. and take the completed form along to your local library. 
Anyone under the age of 16 will need the permission of a parent or guardian to join the library.
There are all sorts of books and more in the library ...
  • books for babies
  • adventure stories
  • funny stories
  • information books
  • talking books on CD
  • eBooks and eAudiobooks
  • eMagazines
  • books for mums and dads
  • ...and lots, lots more.

Activities take place throughout the year - usually around school holiday times.  Look out for storytimes, crafts, arts workshops, quizzes, competitions, etc. Find out more on our Libraries Homepage or follow us on social media.
Book StartBookstart

Bookstart promotes sharing books with babies and young children from an early age. Research both nationally and locally shows evidence of real benefits by the time children start school. Bookstart also run regular Time for a Rhyme sessions in libraries and have organised our Story Makers projects.
For further information go to the Bookstart page
Sharing books can:
  • Help create a close bond between you and your baby,
  • Give you a starting point for talking to your baby because language skills are the key to learning,
  • Extend your baby's experience of language through songs, rhymes and stories,
  • Focus baby's attention and develop concentration skills by looking at clear, bright pictures in a well-designed layout.

No special skills are required by parents. For further details, contact the Bookstart Office.
Supporting Families
Every library has a special collection of books to help support parents and carers. There are books for parents and carers about parenting issues, such as pregnancy, child development, family conflict, learning, behaviour and talking to teenagers.

Some books are for parents and carers to share with their children and are designed to help children deal with new or difficult situations such as a new baby in the family, bereavement or bullying.
Find out more about Library services for Children and Young People.

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