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Refuse and Recycling

Work outstanding from today that will be competed tomorrow;
We usually work the Bank Holiday’s, however, due to the extra Bank Holiday this year for the Coronation, all Waste Services staff were able to enjoy the celebrations of the King’s Coronation.

This meant that we had to stand down the brown bin collection for 3 days (Monday 8, Tuesday 9 & Wednesday 10 May) to enable us to pull up the black, blue and green bin rounds scheduled for collection from the Bank Holiday Monday.

As a result of the brown bin rounds being stood down, we had double pull up of the brown bins 2 weeks ago (Monday 15, Tuesday 16 & Wednesday 17 May). On top of the double pull up, we also had several major vehicle breakdowns last week. This has had a knock on effect each day resulting in the unusual amount of work outstanding each day.

We are still catching up at the moment as we today completed the outstanding work from Friday.

We are doing our best to catch up with all work as soon as possible.

The following work are outstanding from today and will be out tomorrow
General Waste 17 (Bennett Street, Carter Street, Carter Place, Bankfield, Dow Street, Copeland Street, Pimlott Grove & Harding Street, Lodge Lane, Throstle Bank Street, Furnace Street & Spring Gardens) 2 hours
General Waste 18 (Shelly Grove, Stansfield Road & Marler Road) 45 minutes
General Waste 19 (Hillary Road, Barnfield Road & Ash Tree Road) 30 Minutes
Brown 9 (All Streets off John Kennedy road and Longdale Drive) 45 minutes
Brown 10 (All streets off Underwood Road, Cambourne Road, wardle Brook Avenue & Melandra Crescent) 2 Hours
Brown 12 (Bennett Street, Bagshaw Street, Rutland street, Rosemount Crescent, Lodge lane, Park Road, Throstle bank street, furnce street, spring gardens & All Streets off Commercial Brow) 1 hour
Brown 13 (All streets off Ferndale, Hickenfield Road, hallbottom Street & Garden Street) 1 hour 45 minutes
Brown 15 (Grange Road North, Rufford Avenue, Elm Grove, Miles Street, Mansfield Road & Welbeck Road) 45 minutes

If your address is not covered by the linked outstanding work, please contact the call centre on 0161 342 8355.

Household Waste Recycling Centres’

Household Waste Recycling Centres

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Design Guide for Developers

Information on the Council’s requirements for the waste and recycling service.

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