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Trade Waste

Trade waste collections will be taking place as normal on Good Friday 29/03/2024 & Easter Monday 01/04/2024

photograph of the various trade waste bins available - from large to smallIt is illegal to dispose of trade or business waste at any household waste recycling centres. Household waste recycling centres are for residents only, to dispose of their household waste.




Who Can Use The Service

Our services are available to every commercial and industrial premises in the borough. We are conveniently located in Stalybridge with easy access to all waste transfer stations. We can therefore ensure the safe and effective disposal of your waste.

What the Service is

We can provide a full range of waste collection and disposal services including;

  • Refuse Collection using a range of containers to suit your needs. We can issue green sacks where bin storage might be a problem.
  • Quotations given for removal of one off loads or items.

We will endeavour to meet your collection needs with collections six days a week. We'll do our best to provide the service at a time convenient to you and your business.

How much it Costs

A commercial waste collection service can be as little as £400 per annum (from 1 April 2023). For quote please email

Eligibility Criteria

We will collect almost anything. However you can contact us for information on Hazardous Waste e.g. asbestos etc. This is a specialised field but we can put you in touch with the right people.

Sign Up or Get More Information

Simply contact our Commercial Waste staff and we'll be only too pleased to help.

What Else We Offer

The Commercial Waste staff now work very closely with our Recycling Officer. We can look at your waste stream and advise on recycling opportunities. We may be able to offer a recycling service that reduces your waste and collection costs whilst helping your company to stay green – in other words divert your waste to save costs. Contact us for more information.

Reporting a Problem

If you experience a problem with your trade waste collection or service, please use the contact details below to notify us.

Paying for the Service

If you are an existing customer you can pay your Trade Waste bills on-line with a credit/debit card. Make sure that you select your Type of Payment as 'Debtors' and fill your invoice number in the box asking for your 'Customer Reference Number'.
Alternatively you can set up a Direct Debit.
You can also pay by cheque at any of our In Touch Customer Service Centres or by cash at any Post Office or Pay Points (Cash Payments can only be paid with bar coded invoice).


Contact information

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0161 342 2721
Trade Waste Section
Tameside MBC
Tame Street Depot
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