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Children’s Nutrition Team


The Children’s Nutrition Team offer free community healthy lifestyle courses for children of different ages and their families in Tameside. They provide a variety of courses, training and activities aimed at promoting a healthy weight in children and young people.

Jumps 4 Life (4-16) – a 10 week course for children aged 4-16 years who are above a healthy weight.


Families will have the opportunity to learn about food, nutrition and will be able to take part in a variety of fun activity sessions to support children’s growth and healthy weight maintenance. If you are concerned that your child may be above a healthy weight and would like a referral to the JUMPS programme please click here


Food and Nutrition training programmes

A variety of FREE training courses are available to staff and volunteers working with children and their families within Tameside. Click here to view

Award schemes

The Children’s Nutrition Team work closely with children and young people’s providers to celebrate their achievements in promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle.


Nutrition and Oral Health Award for carers of the Under 5’s – available to all nurseries, pre-schools, childminders, parent and tots groups etc. within Tameside.

Click here for more information

Gold Award

Food4life in schools award – available to all primary, secondary, special and alternative education schools within Tameside. Click here for more information about your school getting involved in the awards.

Gold Award

Food4Life – Cared for children’s award – available to all children’s homes, foster carers and other looked after children’s providers within Tameside.

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To apply or for further information please contact the Children’s Nutrition Team directly.

The team also run other activities in conjunction with local schools, community venues and children's centres and are advertised in these venues when courses are available.


For more information please contact children’s nutrition team via:

Telephone: 0161 366 2349/2351/3900


Twitter: @NHSTamesideCNT