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Lost and Stray Dogs

If you have found a stray dog please contact the Call Centre on 0161 342 8355 (during office hours, weekdays between 8.30am-4pm).

Outside office hours (between 4pm-8am and weekends) stray dogs can be reported on 0161 334 0042. Please note the dog warden will only collect dogs out of hours that have been secured.

Tameside MBC employs a local dog warden service to collect any lost dogs. If you think your dog may have been collected by the Dog Warden you can contact the Dog warden Service directly.

Telephone Number0161 342 8355 (weekdays between 8.30am-4pm)
Telephone Number0161 334 0042 (between 4pm-8am and weekends)


Before your dog can be released you will be required to pay the following fees:

  • Dogs home intake fee £10
  • Local Authority Fee of £85.00 and
  • Dogs Home Kennelling Fees of approximately £5 per day

Please note: you cannot pay the fees required by instalments.

Dogs are kennelled at the dogs home for 7 days.

If dogs are not collected by their owners they are offered for sale after the 7 day period.

Dangerous Dogs

If you have any concerns regarding dangerous dogs or banned breeds under The Dangerous Dogs Act you should contact Greater Manchester Police.

The main telephone number for all Tameside Police Stations is:

Telephone Number 0161 872 5050

Frequently Asked Questions

  2013 2014 2015
How many stray/sick dogs have you seized? 430 412 363
How many dogs have been surrendered to you by their owners? 0 0 0
How many dogs have you returned to their original owners? 363 345 313
How many dogs have you rehomed with a new owner? 63 60 49
How many dogs have you had to put to sleep/dispose of? 4 6 1


How many stray dogs entered pounds in your area in 2015? 437
How many of these stray dogs were bull breeds? 48
How many stray dogs in your pounds were euthanised in 2015? 0
How many of these were bull breeds? 0

How many of the stray dogs entering pounds in your area were prohibited types under
Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act?


Are stray dogs entering local authority pounds subject to a veterinary examination upon


If so, are bull breeds assessed for injuries potentially attributable to dog fighting or
being used as a bait dog (e.g. injuries to legs, tongue injuries, teeth being filed down,
other facial scarring etc)?


If bull breeds are assessed for such injuries, how many showed signs of such injuries
upon entry into the kennels in 2015?”



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