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Have your say on Ashton Town Centre

We are working to improve Ashton Town Centre and make it a better place for everyone to shop, work, live and visit.

Earlier this year, we held the Love Ashton event at Ashton Market Hall and asked for feedback and views from everyone from key stakeholders, Ashton market traders, Ashton Town Team, businesses, council officers, visitors and the local community.

You said, we did!

We’ve used local opinions and views to shape our design ideas for the first phase of works which will centre on Ashton Market Square and Outdoor Market.

The plans will be implemented using £10.8m of the £19.87m Levelling Up Fund awarded by Government in October 2021 and form part of the wider Ashton Town Centre Public Realm Strategy.

The plans include replacing existing outdoor kiosk and stall structures with a large canopy to create a more inviting and adaptable space with re-orientated market units to meet the needs of modern market traders.
Ashton town Centre

Tell us what you think

Your views are important to us and will shape the ideas and plans to improve the area you spend time in with friends and family.

Please read through all the options in our summary document and then complete the survey using the links below.

Read about the plans
Complete the survey
The questionnaire will be open from Monday 7 November and will close on Monday 5 December 2022.
The plans can be viewed at the Market Hall, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 6BH. Open 8:30am – 5pm (Mon/Wed/Fri), 8:30am – 8pm (Tue/Thu), and 10am to 3pm (Sat).
Following the consultation, if plans are approved by Tameside Council Executive Cabinet, early works to market Square could start as soon as spring 2023 with the main works being undertaken from early 2024 until March 2025.
If you are unable to complete the online form there are also other ways you can obtain more information and give your views:

Contact us

By email: 
By post:
Gregg Stott, Assistant Director of Investment, Development and Housing
Tameside One
PO Box 317
Ashton Under Lyne
By phone: 0161 342 5500 (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4pm)
In person: The plans can be viewed at Ashton Library, Tameside One, and Market Hall, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 6BH. 
Open 8:30am – 5pm (Mon/Wed/Fri), 8:30am – 8pm (Tue/Thu), and 10am to 3pm (Sat).

If you would like to be kept up to date with the latest information on our town centres, please sign up to our e-newsletter. This will ensure that you can stay up to date on the plans be the first to know of any further news and updates plans and development progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions on the plans, please take a look over those outlined below which may help you answer your enquiry.
What features do the draft proposals include for the improvements to Market Square?
The draft proposals include the complete and comprehensive redevelopment of Market Square including the outdoor market to create a large, flexible market square that will meet a diverse range of needs. There will be new paving, greening, lighting, artwork, street furniture, signage, new market stalls, a large canopy structure and any other infrastructure required. The implemented changes will to a very high standard (gold) and will ensure that the Market Square becomes a place that people want to visit and spend time and where new businesses will be attracted to. The area will be improved to deliver an improved quality market, outdoor events for culture, arts, and leisure, new green spaces, and places to sit and dwell.

How was the draft proposal for Market Square decided?
The consultant team gathered feedback from speaking to the local community at the Love Ashton event in March 2022, speaking with key stakeholders, Council officers, local business, Ashton Town Team and ward members. The feedback received in detailed in the online consultation statement and helped shape the draft proposal.

Why do any improvements need to take place?
There are a number of issues associated with Market Square and the town centre as whole requires significant regeneration. Market Square is seen as the heart of the town but at the moment, the space is unappealing, has a declining number of visitors and is deemed unsafe at certain times due to the increase in Anti-Social Behaviour – particularly associated with the existing market stalls. Therefore, the Council must intervene in order to stop further decline and to ensure that Market Square is a high quality space for everyone and will increase visitor numbers, new businesses, a high quality offer, lower incidents of ASB and a high quality public realm that local people can be proud of.

Will there be disruption and how will this be limited?
Inevitably, given the scale of development due to take place, there will be some form of disruption to local people, businesses and visitors to the town. Measures will be implemented to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum and will be monitored throughout the physical works.

When will people start to see improvements?
Whilst this is a 2.5yr programme, there are some quick wins that the design team will look at and there could be improvements as early as Spring 2023. However, the main physical works are not likely to start until early 2024 and are due for completion in March 2025.

How much will the works cost?
In October 2021, the Council were successful in its bid for £19.87m of government Levelling Up Fund. The total cost of the draft proposal is £10.8m and will include the removal of all of kiosks and market stalls and replacing them with the construction of a large canopy or a series of canopied structures that will include flexible market units to meet the needs of modern market traders.
Costings for the draft proposal has been based on the Gold Standard of public realm delivery and include an annual 8.4% inflation allowance. Silver and Bronze Standards have also been costed for the draft proposal but will result in a lower quality material of public realm and so it is considered neither Silver of Bronze Standards would achieve the desired ambition for the town.

What will happen to the market stalls and traders?
Ashton has a rich history of markets and will remain a market town. The intention is to retain an outdoor market for Ashton and improve the offer for local people, ensuring Ashton becomes a modern market town for future generations. The existing kiosks and stalls are to be removed.
The large canopy installation will include a series of flexible kiosk spaces along with flexible market stalls that can be erected as and when they are required. Measures will be put in place to ensure disruption caused to traders is minimised. Specialist consultants in market operations will be included in the multi-disciplinary team to support the practicalities and logistics when the scheme is to be delivered. The decanting of traders will be undertaken working with the traders themselves to ensure that any adverse impact on their business is minimised. Once works are complete, an improved market square will benefit traders and local businesses from a more attractive and welcoming town centre and an increase in footfall to their business. Discussions with market traders will be ongoing and all options relating to decanting and relocations of traders are open for discussion and will be implemented in a co-ordinated way.

What are the next steps?
Once the consultation on the draft proposal is complete (early December 2022), the comments received will be used to feed into the final strategy for Phase One. From there, a multidisciplinary team will be appointed to work on the detail of the design and the construction. The detailed design is likely to take between 9 and 12 months before the main physical works begin early 2024 for completion in March 2025.

How can we provide comments to the Council on the draft proposal?
You can comment by email using the email address, you can call us on 0161 342 5500 or you can write to us using the following address contact details:
Gregg Stott, Gregg Stott, Assistant Director of Investment, Development and Housing
Tameside One
PO Box 317
Ashton Under Lyne
When will the rest of the town centre be improved?
This consultation focuses on Phase One which has been identified for improvement works as a result of the £19.87m Levelling Up Funding which will be used for the Market Square public realm, Town Hall building fabric works and the Council’s acquisition of the former interchange site. Further phases of the public realm strategy will follow in due course as additional funding required is identified.
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