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Tameside Resettlement Scheme
The Tameside Resettlement Scheme is a scheme funded by Tameside Council.
If you have access to public funds, are on a low income and are in need of removal costs to move your belongings from one property to another, rent in advance to help you to pay the 1st month’s rent to a private landlord or household furniture items to help you to resettle into a new property, you may apply to this scheme.
What you receive will depend on whether you meet the criteria for the scheme and your circumstances.
To apply-
(link to application)
Migrant Destitution Fund
The Migrant Destitution Fund supports destitute migrants with "no recourse to public funds" (NRPF). This policy, which is part of the government’s 'hostile environment', leaves people unable to access mainstream benefits and housing assistance. The policy affects people whose asylum claims have been refused and whose support has been stopped, as well as others without leave to remain in the UK, such as people who came on a spousal visa whose relationships have ended. All these people are not entitled to work, forcing them into destitution.
The Migrant Destitution Fund provides monthly £80 cash grants to anyone (who meets the eligibility criteria) in Greater Manchester who is destitute with no access to income or public funds. Those with children can receive an extra £50 per child. Applicants cannot apply directly to the fund, and will need to be referred by an organisation. In Tameside, our local referral organisation is Infinity Initiatives.

How to apply
Applications are made through one of the supporting organisations, including:
● City of Sanctuary Manchester
● Grow together Levenshulme
● Mustard Tree
● Red Cross
● Refugee Action
● Infinity Initiatives 

Refugee Integration Loan
Refugees or people with humanitarian protection may also be eligible for an integration loan.

This has to be paid back but it is an interest-free loan. The smallest amount you can borrow is £100.

An integration loan can help cover the cost of the essential items needed to start a new life, for example a rent deposit or rent, work clothes or household items.
Claims are decided by the Home Office.

Apply here