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Tameside Resettlement Scheme

The Tameside Resettlement Scheme is open for applications. Please read the information on this webpage and then click the link below to apply.

Application Form


Tameside Resettlement Scheme Criteria:

Tameside Resettlement Scheme aims to assist those:

  • aged 16+ with a local connection to Tameside
  • on a low income, determined by the Department for Work and Pensions equivalisaion calculation
  • moving out of an institutional (hospital, prison, hostel) or an unsettled way of life, including homelessness into a permanent home and who without the help would suffer serious harm to themselves and / or their family

The scheme can also assist households who are experiencing exceptional pressure or exceptional hardship. 


Help available from the Tameside Resettlement Scheme

Essential Household items:
  • Bed frame/mattress
  • Electric cooker OR microwave
  • Under Counter Fridge
  • Washing Machine (subject to eligibility)
  • Carpets (subject to eligibility)
This scheme will only provide items once in a 24 month period, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The items will be provided, delivered and installed by Furniture Resource Centre.

Please note: The Tameside Resettlement Scheme cannot provide assistance with food, clothing, utilities, rent arrears or Council Tax arrears.
To complete the application you will need to provide personal information about your finances and your circumstances including:
  • Name
  • Address (existing and new)
  • Date of birth for all household members
  • National Insurance Number of all adults in the household
  • Income details for all household members
  • What type of support you need and why
  • Contact details

You are not eligible for support from the Tameside Resettlement scheme if: 

  • Help is available from other funds or schemes including those who have received a Leaving Care Grant
  • You have other ways to cover the costs (such as savings over £1500)
  • You own a property other than the one in which you live
  • The need for Local Welfare Provision has been self-imposed (for example, benefit sanction enforced, loss of employment due to misconduct)
  • You have received an award from this scheme within the last 24 months
  • You have lived in your property for over 6 months


Other Support:

If you need access to support immediately a list of Food Banks is available by clicking on this link: Food banks and community pantries (

Helping Hand Tameside can help you find local support services to give you a helping hand with the cost of living, your mental health and wellbeing: A Helping Hand- Financial, Wellbeing and Benefit support in Tameside

To contact Customer Services please email or call 0161 342 8355

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