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Our Customer Pledge


Bereavement Services


1. Set standards and perform well

  • We will set standards that exceed statutory and corporate standards wherever possible. These standards are based on customer expectations and made widely available to our users.
  • We will provide detailed information about our services.

2. Actively engage with customers, partners and staff

  • We will consult our users regularly and deliver a service that is tailored to their requirements.
  • We will analyse and take action from the results of feedback.
  • We will work with a range of other service providers to create overall improvements for customers.

3. Be fair and accessible to everyone and promote choice

  • We will treat all customers with fairness, privacy and dignity.
  • We will provide a wide range of services and make them easily accessible to all, using new technology wherever possible.
  • We will provide an efficient, professional and dignified service by trained staff.

4. Continuously develop and improve

  • We will strive to continually improve our service.
  • We will demonstrate that users are satisfied with the quality of our service.
  • We will do our utmost to put right any failures or problems highlighted through our complaints procedure or other means.
  • We will develop a business plan annually that will incorporate those actions and improvements identified from our consultation exercises.

5. Use your resources effectively and imaginatively

  • We will provide best value for all our customers.
  • We will regularly monitor our budget and make this information available in our annual review. We will benchmark against other local authorities.

6.Contribute to improving opportunities and quality of life in the communities you serve

  • We will endorse the Tameside Community Strategy.
  • We will promote aspects of different cultures and lifestyles.
  • We will continue to improve safety for visitors to our cemeteries.
  • We will seek the views of our ‘neighbours’.
  • We will acknowledge statutory environmental issues and respond accordingly.

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