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Multi Agency Request for Service (MARS)


Online reporting of Safeguarding concerns for a Child, Request for Targeted Family Help, Requests for Information and CAMHS referrals

Worried about a child

If you have any concerns about a child at risk of harm, abuse or neglect, it is important that you report it. Your phone call could help safeguard a child who may be at risk.

If you think a child/young person is in significant and imminent harm and require an immediate response please call 999

The safeguarding functions within the Tameside Children’s Early Help and Safeguarding Hub (EHASH) bring together multi-agency resources to provide a quick and robust response to safeguarding children and providing services through Targeted Family Help. Effective use of this form will aid that process and ensure accurate and timely responses are provided.

Prior to submitting a MARS it is important that you are aware of and have consulted the Thresholds Guidance.

For Level 2 of the threshold guidance please contact your EH Adviser (0161 342 4040) who can offer advice and guidance on support required and next steps. A Level 2 Early Help Assessment and Team Around the Setting (TAS) can be explored.

In order to access Targeted Family Help (Level 3) it is expected that an EHA and at least one Team Around the Family (TAF) should have been completed to demonstrate what work has already been undertaken with the family, the impact and next steps required.
Request for Information
If you are an agency requiring comprehensive information/chronology about a family and you have explicit consent then please complete the MARS and the EHASH will consider this request and come back to you within 14 days. This would apply to agencies such as Probation and Other Local Authorities.

In order to make a referral to Tameside and Glossop Child Adolescent Mental Health Services please complete the MARS and select the relevant option at the end of the form.

For Targeted Family Help, Specialist Services and Safeguarding concerns, Request for Information and CAMHS ONLY please use this online form:  

Tameside Children's EHASH should be contacted if you need Targeted Family Help or advice on safeguarding children/young people and/or if you believe that a child/young person is at risk of significant harm on:

Monday to Wednesday: 8.30am - 5pm
Thurs: 8.30am - 4.30pm
Fri: 8.30am - 4pm
Telephone Contact Number - 0161 342 4101

Monday to Friday outside of normal hours weekends and public holidays
EDT (Emergency Duty Team) Telephone Contact Number - 0161 342 2222

The MARS operates between the hours stated.
If you wish to send a referral, please do so between these hours.
The inbox is NOT manned outside of these hours.

If you need to send a referral out of these times, and the issue is urgent or a child is at risk, then you MUST phone the Emergency Duty Team (EDT) on 0161 342 2222.
You will also need to follow up and submit a MARS online.

For further information on what constitutes safeguarding, policies, procedures and training please see the Tameside Safeguarding Children's Partnership website
Please ensure you have obtained informed consent from parents or guardians with parental responsibility. You will need to have a discussion with parents/guardians about your concerns and request consent for a referral to EHASH.

Please be advised that without consent referrals can only be accepted for children where immediate risk of harm is evident.

Other useful contact numbers
Greater Manchester Police – 999 and 101
Tameside EH Adviser – 0161 342 4040
NSPCC Child Protection helpline – 08008005000 (a free 24 hour service)
Childline – 0800 1111 (a free 24 hour helpline for children)
North Family HUB (Ashton) 0161 342 2255
East Family HUB (Stalybridge, Dukinfield Mossley) 0161 342 5533
South Family HUB (Hyde, Hattersley and Longendale) 0161 342 5353
West Family HUB (Denton, Droylsden and Audenshaw) 0161 342 5197