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How do we help children, young people and families?


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Our Practice Standards for Children’s Social Work

Services for Children and Young People - Children's Social Work

Our main responsibility is to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in need. This includes children and young people who:

  • may be at risk of harm or neglect
  • may be in trouble with the police
  • have a disability
  • are in our care
  • have serious family problems

We aim to keep families together by providing back-up and support to prevent problems getting too big. We realise everyone has strengths and skills and we will help children, young people and families build on these. We will always take into account the child's and family's religious, cultural and social background.

We also work closely with children, parents, relatives and carers to provide help, advice, support or information about other services.

Contacting Children's Social Work

We understand that contact with Children's Social Work Teams usually comes at a time when families are experiencing problems. We recognise this and will offer support in the most sensitive way possible.

We will give advice and assistance straight away if necessary, or will plan for the longer term with you. If we can help, we will carry out an assessment.

This involves finding out about the situation, talking it through with you and agreeing what should be done, and where necessary developing a Child's Plan to co-ordinate ongoing support and services for your child and your family.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a service to everyone. We have to prioritise those children who are in greatest need.

It is always worth contacting us about any difficulties you are having. If we are unable to help, we may be able to put you in touch with another agency or organisation that can. Please note that although we can put you in contact with welfare benefits agencies, we cannot offer welfare benefits advice ourselves. We are here to listen and help as much as possible.

How we work with other organisations

There are other organisations that work with children, young people and families. Wherever possible we work in partnership with these to provide a co-ordinated service. These organisations include Health and Education, the Police and Probation Service as well as voluntary services.

Sometimes it is necessary to share personal information with other organisations to allow us to work together to provide the best service for you.

We follow strict rules about confidentiality. These tell us about what personal information we can collect and how and when we can share this information with other organisations.

When we are worried about children

If a child or young person appears to be at risk because of neglect or abuse, we must make enquiries to ensure that the child is safe. Click here to see how we protect children and young people.

We will carry out a thorough assessment, talking with children, families, doctors, health visitors and teachers. If we have special concerns about the child, we may hold a Child Protection Conference. This is a meeting with the family, Social Worker and other professionals to try to find a solution to the difficulties at home. We will always try to work with families to support and help them cope.

If you are worried about a child or young person who could be in danger, please contact us. We will always deal with any calls in the strictest confidence.

Caring for children away from home

Sometimes children have to be cared for away from home. We try to place children with relatives or close friends or with foster parents. If this isn't possible, they may be looked after in a Children's Home. Some children are also adopted.

We ensure that a child who is 'looked after' by the local authority has as much support as possible. We provide educational support, health information and advice to help children develop to their full potential.


Click this link for full details of Fostering.

Sometimes parents for whatever reason are unable to look after their child. Foster care provides the opportunity for a child to live in a family home environment rather than in a residential setting.

We are looking for people who would like to become foster carers. This may involve looking after a child at weekends, or for a few weeks or months, or it may be for a number of years.

We welcome people regardless of:

  • Age
  • Religious belief
  • Ethnic origin
  • Marital status
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Being parents themselves or not

We offer training to a professional standard and give you support from Social Workers.

If you would like to know more about becoming a foster carer, please contact the Fostering Service:

Postal Address Denton Centre, Acre Street, Denton, Tameside, M34 2BW
Telephone Number 0161 368 8865
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Private Fostering

A privately fostered child is someone under 16 (or 18 if the child has a disability) who goes to live with people for more than 28 days who are not related to them.

We provide support to these children and their carers.


The Tameside adoption service is a part of Adoption Now. This is the Regional Adoption Agency combining the Local Authority expertise of Blackburn, Bury, Bolton, Rochdale, Oldham and Tameside to support residents who would like to adopt. To find out more about adoption please visit the Adoption Now website.

Helping Young People

Leaving Care Service

We run a Leaving Care Service for those young people who have been looked after by foster carers or lived in a Children's Home. This service helps them become more independent and cope on their own, providing ongoing support to meet educational, health and welfare needs.

How we help children and young people in trouble with the police

Click here for full details of the Youth Offending Team

This is a multi-agency team comprising of professionals from Children's Social Care, Health and Education services, the Police and the Probation Service. They work with young people who are at risk of offending or who offend.

Services for children who look after other family members

Click here for full details of Young Carers

Sometimes children and young people look after someone at home who is unwell or disabled. These young Carers may help with housework, shopping, washing and dressing, interpreting or keeping an eye on someone.

The Young Carers Project in Tameside gives advice and support to young Carers as well as the chance to meet other young carers and to go on regular trips and activities.

If you would like more information contact the Young Carers Worker on:

Telephone Number 0161 368 3192
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How can we work with you?

We want to work in partnership with children, young people and families. Listening to your views is very important. User groups, questionnaires, focus groups are ways of helping us to find out what you want. We will then try to take in to consideration your views when planning services.

How to contact the Children's Social Work Teams

Either you or someone else on your behalf can contact:

Children's Social Work Teams, Denton Centre, Acre Street, Denton M34 2BW
Telephone Number 0161 342 4477 
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Looked After Children's Social Work Team, Victoria Street, Hyde SK14 4AA
Telephone Number 0161 367 7873 
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