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Securing Sufficient Childcare in Tameside



Under the Childcare Act 2006 Local Authorities are required to secure sufficient childcare places. The Act defines childcare sufficiency as the requirements to meet the needs of parents/carers who require childcare in order to enable them –

  1. To take up, or remain in, work, or
  2. To undertake education or training which could reasonably be expected to assist them to obtain employment.

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

In order to meet this duty, local authorities should undertake an assessment of the supply and demand for childcare so far as is reasonably practicable to meet the needs of parents and carers in their area with children aged up to 14 years old (or up to 18 years old for disabled children and children with additional needs).

The Department of Education introduced measures in the Children and Families Bill to repeal the duty on Local Authorities to prepare assessments of the sufficiency of provision of childcare in their area at least every three years (Section 11 of the Childcare Act 2006).

The assessment has been replaced by an annual report.


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