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Co-operative Working

On Wednesday 2 October, Tameside Council achieved membership of the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network (CCIN) - a membership based, non-party-political network established to promote the delivery of local services in a co-operative or co-productive way.

In the face of funding cuts, Co-operative Councils aim to transform local public services from a top-down system to a co-operative approach involving collective action, co-operation, empowerment and enterprise.

There are already some fantastic examples of co-operative working taking place in Tameside. And on 3 October representatives from local public sector, voluntary and community organisations met with elected members and council officers at Dukinfield Town Hall for the Tameside Co-operative Council Summit to share their ideas and insights on how to increase and improve cooperative working across the borough. The summit involved group work, discussions and a “market-stall” style showcase of existing co-operative projects in Tameside.

The summit was part of an ongoing engagement process with local stakeholders, residents and service users to get your views on co-operative working. Other engagement has included workshops with community groups and online surveys.

Please visit the links on the side-bar menu to find out more about the Tameside Co-operative Summit, examples of co-operative working, the co-operative principles, and how your views are shaping, and will continue to shape, co-operative working in Tameside.