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Co-Operative Councils’ Innovation Network


Co-Operative Councils: About

Tameside Council is aspiring to become a member of The Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network (CCIN). CCIN was established to promote the delivery of local services in a co-operative or co-productive manner. It is action focused, membership based, and non-Party political.

Co-operative Councils aim to drive forward new co-operative approaches to transform the way local public services are delivered in their areas and support local communities in the face of funding cuts. Collective action, co-operation, empowerment and enterprise will be used to help transform local services and local communities. The vision is to end the era of top-down services where people are expected to put up with whatever’s on offer.  In future, residents, rather than public sector organisations, will be in the driving seat.

It is believed that co-operative approaches can be applied to almost every aspect of local government, including community regeneration and economic development, youth services, housing leisure, social services and education. The precise model is different from service to service, but the approach is the same – working together, building self-reliance, encouraging innovation.

This approach is not about turning all services into co-operatives, and it is not intended to replace skilled professionals with volunteers.  It is about giving local people choice and control over the public services they use.  The way different services work will vary, but the objective of finding new ways to hand more power, choice and control to local people remains constant.

In a time of funding cuts to local government, new approaches to service delivery are necessary to meet the challenges and to continue to support local communities. Harnessing the potential of co-operatives, mutuals and of local residents could provide positive new ways to deliver services that are flexible, personalised and more effective.

Co-operative and mutual models are thought to help councils to retain jobs and investment locally, are ethical, are more flexible around citizen and workers’ needs, and can contribute to all aspects of the local economy. Co-operative values can also shape the way local economies are rebuilt, putting long term social benefit ahead of short-term private gain.
The Statement of Values and Principles of the Co-Operative Councils Innovation Network 
Examples of Tameside projects that follow co-operatives values and principles 

Cooperative working in action in Tameside
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