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Disability Reduction Claim Form - Notes

A reduction for Council Tax can be claimed for any dwelling that has a qualifying individual residing in it, and provides certain features or facilities to meet the needs of that disabled person (qualifying individual).

Qualifying Individual - a person who is substantially and permanently disabled (whether by illness, injury, congenital deformity or otherwise).

If your property is in Bands B to H, the bill may be reduced to that of a band immediately below that shown on the valuation list.

If your home is in band A you will already be in the lowest Council Tax band, however, you may still qualify for a reduction of five ninths of the amount of Council Tax set for properties in a Band D.

The regulations require that any application for this relief must be submitted by an 'eligible person' or by someone on their behalf.

Eligible person - a liable person as regards a dwelling, which is a sole or main residence of at least one qualifying individual.

If any of the following are available in the dwelling, you may be entitled to a disability reduction:

A room which is not a bathroom, a kitchen or a lavatory and which is predominantly used (whether for providing therapy or otherwise) by and is required for meeting the needs of any qualifying individual; or

A second bathroom or kitchen which is required for meeting the needs of the qualifying individual; or

Sufficient floor space for the indoor use of a wheelchair by the qualifying individual where the qualifying individual needs to use the wheelchair indoors.

Required for meeting the needs of a qualifying individual - means anything that is essential or of a major importance to the qualifying individuals well-being by reason of the nature and extent of that persons disability.

Supporting medical evidence may be requested to support this claim.

On submitting your claim, if you meet any of the above criteria an inspection of your property will be arranged.

The liable person has a legal obligation to inform the Authority of any change that occurs that may affect their claim.

You can complete an application form for disability reduction.

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