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Children with Disabilities Residential Respite Service

A Parent's Guide

This information is for parents and children who are already receiving support from a social worker from Integrated Team for Children with Disabilities. If you would like to find out whether you might be able to receive support from the service, please contact Integrated Team for Children with Disabilities.

What is the Respite Service?

The Children with Disabilities Respite Service offers children with disabilities a short break away from home either through day care or for a few overnight stays. This means that families can then relax knowing that children are in a safe environment being cared for by trained and caring staff.

Where does the Respite Service take place?

Respite takes place in a houses in Dukinfield. The house is near local shops, parks, recreational clubs and has a garden.

What facilities are there in the houses?


Menus are varied. We will provide any favourite foods or special diets. We also encourage the children to help with the buying of food for the house from the supermarket and local shops.


You can ring whenever you want to see how your child is or speak to your child. Those children able to use a telephone can ring home whenever they wish.


the house has a large garden with equipment and toys where the children can play safely. We also have access to a mini-bus for those children who are able to travel in it. This means that children can go out to youth clubs, sports centres and take part in other recreational activities.

Spending Money

If possible, parents are asked to send in some spending money with their child to enable them to go out. This money will be booked in and a receipt given. Any money left at the end of the visit will be given back to you.

How is your child introduced to the Service?

If the Service is appropriate for your child, they will:

  • Receive a level of care which will be identified through an assessment done by yourselves and the Social Worker.
  • Undergo a process of introduction.

The introduction usually starts with a visit to the house by the child and parents or carers. This then leads to tea visits and/or day care.

We realise that it takes some children longer to settle so the introduction will be done at a pace to suit your child and yourself.

Once everyone is happy, your child will take up their assessed visits.

Who is your key worker?

Once your child has begun to visit one of the houses, they will be assigned a key worker. This person will work at the house your child visits. Although you can speak to any member of the staff about your child, the key worker is the main link person between yourselves, your child, other staff, school and Health and Social Workers. Some of the key workers main tasks are:

  • To build and maintain good relationships between the service and yourselves.
  • To visit you at home or at an agreed place to discuss any issues regarding your child and provide support and advice.
  • To visit school so that we are kept informed of any educational issues.
  • To use all information gathered to produce a personal care plan, a health care plan and a risk assessment so that we can care for your child in a professional and consistent manner.
  • To keep detailed records of the child's visits; to check that the visits are appropriate and the child is settled.
  • Review and update the care plans to ensure that all your child's needs are being met.

What happens when your child's visit ends?

At the end of each visit, your child will bring home a going home letter which will give information about:

  • How the visit has gone.
  • Dates of the next visit.
  • Information regarding the 29 day breaks.

What are 29 Day Breaks?

After a certain amount of visits, your child needs to take a 29 day break. Staff will let you know when this break is due. Please be aware that taking the 29 day break is the parent's responsibility and that if the break is not taken at the appropriate time, this may affect your benefits. If you would like to know more about 29 day breaks, please do not hesitate to contact your Social Worker.

What if your child is on medication?

If your child is on any medication, you will be required to complete a chart when you bring the medication to the house. This is so we can keep a check on all medication.

Access to files

Your child has the right to apply for access to information held on their files. If your child is not able to apply, a parent or guardian may apply on their behalf. Please contact your Social Worker for more information on how to access files.


As employees of Tameside, we have a duty to protect children who may be at risk of harm. We will investigate any issues regarding safeguarding in line with  Procedures. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your Social Worker.

What if I have more questions?

If your child is already receiving a service from us, please contact staff at the Respite Unit.

If you like to find out if your child is eligible for the service, please contact Integrated Team for Children with disabilities The staff will be happy to help you.

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