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Accumulations of Rubbish

Image of Rubbish that has been dumpedThese are usually found on areas of land in private ownership and may even be present in yards or gardens of private houses. Whilst people have a legal right to store items on their own premises this must not result in nuisance to neighbours (such as smell), or any kind of public health risk such as an attraction to rats, mice or insects. Premises where building works are in progress are not usually actionable as the items are normally inert and pose no health risk

On some occasions householders may be storing bulky household items on a temporary basis with the intention of utilising the Councils' Bulky Household Refuse Service (removal of up to 5 bulky items at a small charge ).

Where public health nuisance exists the Fly Tipping Enforcement Unit can usually assist by taking enforcement action to remove the risk and in certain circumstances the Planning Department may be able to take similar action if the premises are considered to be detrimental to amenity.

To report problem premises or areas of land the public can contact the Councils' Call Centre, using the details below.

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