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Local Authorities such as Tameside are responsible for household waste collection.  These pages provide information about collections in Tameside and what you need to do to make sure your waste is collected each week. Why recycle?
  • It protects our environment – the more we reuse and recycle means less environmentally damaging waste.
  • It costs less - disposing of non-recyclable waste costs approximately £300 for every tonne collected.  Every tonne of waste that is recycled saves money.
  • It protects vital services – money saved can be spent on vital services such as support for elderly and vulnerable residents. 

Waste Collections
  • On collection day, please make sure your bin is put out at the edge of your property, or nominated collection point by 7am.
  • Please return your bin to your property after it has been emptied.
  • Check your collection dates or use the Tameside bin app.
  • Find out what waste goes in which bin

Daily updates
  • Each day we collect over 45,000 bins, unfortunately operational and logistical issues such as vehicle breakdowns and blocked roads can impact on waste collections leading to some bin rounds not being emptied on your collection day.
  • You can find out more information by follow us on twitter @tmbc_waste and @TamesideCouncil.
  • For the latest information on today’s bin collections click here.

Missed collections
  • Your bin wasn’t put out on time - it will be collected the next time that bin is due for collection.
  • Contaminated waste – if you don’t put the right thing in the right bin your waste may not be collected. Please ensure that any contamination has been removed from your bin and put out the next time that bin is due for collection.
  • Missed bin - If your bin is not contaminated and has not been collected on your usual collection day you can  report it on-line or via the bin app.

Flat Lids
Where wheeled bins are presented with waste that does not fit comfortably within the container and the lid is ajar, the crew will empty the bin and place the excess waste back into the bin.

Side Waste
Side waste is excess bags from the household, which are presented for collection at the side of the bin.
  • The Council will not remove general waste presented for collection alongside, or on top of, general waste bins.
  • Alternatively, residents may place additional recycling materials for collection so long as it is identifiable in a clear bag.

Exceptional Circumstances Policy
Tameside Council operates an exceptional circumstances policy which sets out its approach to dealing with requests for additional general waste capacity. You can find the policy via the Exceptional Circumstances Policy.

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