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Training for Foster Carers


The NVQ Programme

A nationally recognised qualification is now available to foster carers; an NVQ level 3 in Caring for Children and Young People. The award is obtained partly by attending courses but also by demonstrating to an assessor that you are competent in performing certain tasks connected with the fostering role.

Much of the work goes on within your home. The amount of time you spend obtaining the award can be adjusted to meet your needs. If you are interested in obtaining this award please speak to your fostering social worker.

A training plan is produced each term, please let us know if there are any additional topics which you would like training on. 


Training on Offer This Year

View the Events Page to see the training that is available this year.


Professional Development

  • All foster carers are provided with their own continuing professional development portfolio. This should be used to record training already undertaken, record self reflection on what you have learnt from each piece of training and how it will affect the way you practice and to help you plan your future training needs.
  • CWDC training, support and development standards for foster carers produced by Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC).
  • CWDC exists to improve lives of children and young people, their families and carers by ensuring that all people working with them have the best possible training, qualifications, support and advice.
  • The CWDC training, support and development standards for all foster carers has been designed to support foster carers from pre-approval through to their first two years of fostering. This is nationwide and not just applied to Tameside carers.
  • The Fostering Service will support you and ensure that you have the best possible training and information.
  • From April 2008 all new foster carers nationwide will be expected to achieve training, support and development standards for foster carers within 12 months of their approval.
  • The existing carers are expected to complete it by 2011.

Support for Foster Carers Training

  • The Service is committed to the provision of training and support groups for foster carers and expects that foster carers will be committed to attending these sessions. Discussions between foster carers and their fostering social worker will help to clarify which training sessions would be most beneficial and relevant to them.
  • The Service’s training aims to enable foster carers to work with children and their parents in the context of a multi-racial society.  The Fostering Team currently set their training programmes to provide different levels of training on different topics.
  • Pre approval training will have prepared you to understand the fostering task Now you are approved Post approval training should start as soon as possible  There are a number of basic courses that we expect all newly approved carers to do.  These include core training (please see attached).
  • Training and development opportunities will facilitate foster carers achieving the required standards within a year of approval.

Training and Development Planner


To support Foster Carer’s in meeting positive outcomes for children

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  • Pre Approval Training
  • Induction Pack
  • Foster Care Manual
  • The Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Care
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Training and Development that is
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Essential to foster carers in ensuring children's fundamental needs are identified and met.
Focussed on meeting the developing needs of the child and the coming together with other professionals in meeting child's needs.
Specific to certain behaviours and circumstances, it will look at the preventative and management aspects related to these situations as well as providing greater awareness.


Training Sessions

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