Priority A and B routes for Winter Gritting

A1. Mottram/Hyde

Proceed to Mottram Rd, Stalybridge at junction Mottram Old Rd.

(Start) Mottram road, Roe Cross Road, Backmoor, to signals junction Mottram Moor (Stop).

Continue to Spring Street junction Market Street Hollingworth.

(Start) Spring street full length to bus turn around at school (Stop)

Return to Market Street junction Woolley Lane T/L

(Start) Woolley Lane to Boundary at Woolley Bridge (Stop).

Return via Mottram Moor, Hyde Rd., to M67 roundabout T/L.

(Start), Stockport Road to end of dual carriageway at rail bridge, return along other half of dual carriageway to M67 roundabout. (Stop).

Return to end of dual carriageway before Rail Bridge, Stockport Road, Hattersley.

(Start) Stockport Road, over rail bridge, Mottram Old Road, Stockport Road, to Stockport boundary, turn around and return, Stockport Road, Dowson Road, T/L Market Street, past Hyde Town Hall, Market Street, Manchester Road, T/R traffic signals over M67 Rockfort street Bridge, through lights, Clark Way to lights at junction Mottram Road (Stop).

Return to depot.

A2. Ashton/Mossley/Stalybridge

Proceed to Mossley Rd, junction Crickets Lane at old bus depot.

(Start) Mossley Road, T/L Queens Road, Lees Road, to boundary (Stop).

Return to Mossley Road/Queens Road traffic lights T/L.

(Start) Mossley Road, Stamford Street, Arundel Street, T/R Stamford Street back to junction Arundel Street (Stop).

T/R Arundel Street to traffic lights T/L.

(Start) Lees Road to Oldham boundary (Stop).

Return to traffic lights Lees Road/Stamford Street T/L.

(Start) Stockport Road, T/L Quick Road to boundary (Stop).

Return to junction Stockport Road T/L.

(Start) Stockport Road to boundary (Stop).

Return to Stockport Road junction Stamford Road T/L.

(Start) Stamford Road to Railway Station Manchester Road (Stop).

T/R and proceed to Manchester Rd junction Stanhope St T/L.

(Start) Stanhope Street, T/R Egmont Street to Manchester Road (Stop).

T/R Manchester Road, T/R Stanhope Street T/L Egmont Street.

(Start) Egmont Street, T/L Micklehurst Road, Waggon Road to junction Manchester Road (Stop).

Proceed to Market St, junction Stamford St, Stalybridge at clinic T/R.

(Start) Market Street, Rassbottom Street T/R Stamford Street (Stop).

Continue along Stamford Street to junction Ridge Hill Lane T/L.

(Start) Ridge Hill Lane, T/R Springs Lane, T/L Stephens Road, Lake Road, T/L Springs Lane, T/R School Crescent T/R Springs Lane (Stop).

Continue back to junction School Crescent

(Start) Springs Lane, T/L Arlies Lane, T/L Longridge Avenue T/R Broadhill Road full circle, pass the school, T/R Hazelhurst Road, T/L Ladysmith Road, T/L Springs Lane (Stop)

Return to Springs Lane/Arlies Lane junction.

(Start) Ridge Hill Lane, T/L Saint Georges Street, T/L Church Walk, T/L Ridge Hill Lane (Stop)

Return Ridge Hill Lane junction Darnton Road, T/R.

(Start Darnton Road, T/L Astley Street to Stamford Street (Stop)

TL Return to Darnton Road junction Astley Street.

(Start) Darnton Road to lights at Mossley Road (Stop).

Return to depot. 

A3. Stalybridge/Mossley

Proceed to Huddersfield Road junction Mottram Road, Stalybridge.

(Start) Huddersfield Road. T/L Cypress Oaks, T/L Cedar Avenue, T/L Alder Drive, T/L Cypress Oaks to Junction. Copper Beech Drive. (Stop).

Turn around and return to Cypress Oaks junction. Alder Drive,

(Start) Cypress Oaks, T/L Huddersfield Road, T/R Brushes Road, T/L Poplars Road, T/L Elms Road, T/R Brushes Road. (Stop).

Return to Huddersfield Road T/R.

(Start) Huddersfield Road, T/R Buckton Vale Road, T/L Moorgate Road Full Circle and Moorgate Drive. Back to Junction. Moorgate Road. T/R (Stop)

Return to Buckton Vale Road. T/L

(Start) Buckton Vale Road, T/R Long Row, T/R South View back to Buckton Vale Road. (Stop)

Return to and across Huddersfield Road into Crowswood Drive.

(Start) Crowswood Drive T/L Cheshire Road to end (return and treat) Crowhill to end.

Return to Huddersfield Road T/L.

(Start) Huddersfield Road, T/L Winterford Road, T/L Station Road, T/L Micklehurst Road To Huddersfield Road (Stop).

T/R Huddersfield Road, T/R Staley Road.

(Start) Staley Road, T/L Cemetery Road to end (Stop).

Return to junction Staley Road T/L.

(Start) Staley Road T/L Egmont Street, T/L Cheshire Street, T/L Crown Hill, T/R Queensway, Regent Drive, T/R Crown Hill, T/L Brunswick Street, T/L Staley Road. (Stop)

Continue to Micklehurst Road to junction Mansfield Road. T/L

(Start) Mansfield Road to junction Winterford Road T/R (Stop).

Proceed to Huddersfield Road. T/L

(Start) Huddersfield Road T/L Moorlands Drive, T/L Lower Hey Lane to Huddersfield Road T/L (Stop).

Continue to junction Moorlands Drive.

(Start) Huddersfield Road, T/L Manchester Road, Wakefield Road, Via Blackrock to lights at junction Stamford Street, Stalybridge T/R (Stop).

Return to depot.

A4. Ashton/Stalybridge/Mottram/Hyde

Proceed to Penny Meadow junction Crickets Lane/Whiteacre Road.

(Start) Bear Right Penny Meadow, Across Mossley Road, Beaufort Road, T/L Stamford Street, Portland Place, Mottram Road, T/L Mottram Old Road, Turn 2nd right and circle Staley Hill Drive back to Mottram Old Road, T/R Mottram Old Road, Stocks Lane, T/R Hawke Street, T/L Demesne Drive, T/L Oxford Street, T/L Stocks Lane, T/L Hawke Street (Stop)

Continue to junction Demesne Drive. T/R.

(Start) Demesne Drive to Huddersfield Road T/L (Stop)

Continue down Huddersfield Road to next Demesne Drive junction T/L

(Start) Demesne Drive T/R Oxford Street (Stop)

Continue to junction Stocks Lane T/R.

(Start) Stocks Lane, Compton Street, T/R Mottram Road, T/R Stocks Lane to junction Compton Street (Stop)

Continue to Roe Cross Road, Mottram junction Stalybridge Road.

(Start) Stalybridge Road, Market Street, Broadbottom Road, Mottram Road, Lower Market Street To Junction. Bostock Road (Stop)

Turn around and proceed to M67 roundabout, Hattersley.

(Start) Leave Roundabout by Hyde exit, Mottram Road, to signals Clarke Way, T/R Clarke Way over M67 to signals at junction Clarendon Road (Stop).

Return to depot.

A5. Ashton/Audenshaw/Droylsden

Proceed to Oldham Road junction Wellington Road signals, Ashton.

(Start) Oldham Road to Boundary (Stop).

Return to signals Oldham Road junction Wellington Road T/R

(Start) Wellington Road, Dual carriageway circle roundabout at Sainsbury’s return other half dual carriageway to Oldham Road, signals T/R Oldham Road, to Asda roundabout, circle roundabout and leave by Stalybridge exit, Park Parade, circle telephone exchange roundabout and leave by Stalybridge exit, Park Parade, Stamford Street, Stamford Square, T/L Mellor Road, T/L Darnton Road (Stop).

Continue along Darnton Road to signals T/L Montague Road.

(Start) Montague Road, T/L Beaufort Road, T/R Signals Stamford Square, Stamford Street, Park Parade to Chester Square, through signals, Stockport Road following right hand lane T/R William Street, T/R Manchester Road, T/R on slip road back to Stockport Road (Stop).

Continue Stockport Road T/R William Street at signals.

(Start) Left hand lane, T/L at BP Garage into Manchester Road over M60, Manchester Road via Snipe, Ryecroft, The Trough to Manchester boundary at Fairfield Wells (Stop).

Turn round and return to Manchester Road junction Audenshaw Road.

(Start) Manchester Road over Canal Bridge to junction Kershaw Lane (Stop).

Continue to Manchester Road junction Lumb Lane T/L.

(Start) Lumb Lane, T/R Droylsden Road circle one way system back to Lumb Lane T/R and T/L Droylsden Road, Ashton Road, Manchester Road through signals Edge Lane, to Manchester boundary. Turn around and return. Bear left Manor Road, T/R Davenport Street, T/L Manchester Road (Stop).

Return to Droylsden Road junction Manchester Road opposite Ryecroft Hall.

(Start) Droylsden Road, Manchester Road past Snipe Inn, bear left onto and along Northern Bypass, circle first roundabout, Continue through signals Richmond Street to roundabout at Sainsbury’s (Stop)

Circle roundabout to return along other side of dual carriageway

(Start) (From roundabout) Northern Bypass back through Richmond Street signals, bear left through signals across Manchester Road, Moss Way to junction Audenshaw Road, turn around return down other side of dual carriageway through signals Manchester Road. T/L signals Northern Bypass across Manchester Road. T/R Snipe Way to mini roundabout entrance B&Q (Stop).

Return to bend at Snipe Way/Service Road. T/R.

(Start) Snipe Way (deliveries) rear of B&Q full circle to Manchester Road T/L (Stop)

Return via one-way system at Ryecroft Hall to Manchester Road signals at entrance to Snipe Retail Park.

(Start) Manchester Road, over M60 through Chester Square, Park Parade, to Roundabout T/L Cavendish Street T/R Wellington Road (Stop)

(Start) Albion Way (New road link) full length to Penny Meadow (Stop)

Return to depot.

A6. Ashton/Dukinfield/Hyde

Proceed via Park Parade and Cavendish Street to Wellington Road/Oldham Road to traffic signals.

(Start) Wellington Road, Penny Meadow, T/R at Albion Pub signals down New Link to BT roundabout (Stop).

Circle roundabout and leave by new road link opposite Saint Michaels Square.

(Start) New Road Link back to Albion Pub signals continue Albion Way (new road link) full length to Wellington Road (Stop)

Return to Wharf Street junction Crescent Road T/R.

(Start) Crescent Road, T/R Town Lane, T/L Jeffreys Drive, T/L Foundry Street at signals, T/L Chapel Hill, Circle War Memorial, continue down Chapel street to King street at Town Hall T/R (Stop).

Proceed to King Street junction Astley Street T/R.

(Start) Astley Street to Crescent Road T/R (Stop).

Continue to Foundry Street junction Wilde Street (Top entrance to Morrisons).

(Start) Foundry Street, Birch Lane, Ashton Road, Commercial Brow, over M67, Halton Street to Signals Mottram Road T/R (Stop).

Proceed to signals at Mottram Road junction Clarke Way T/L.

(Start) Union Street, T/L Market Street (Stop).

Continue to Dowson Road opposite Gower Road at bridge.

(Start) Dowson Road to junction Stockport Road T/L (Stop).

Continue to Stockport Road junction Knott Lane T/L.

(Start) Knott Lane, T/L Enfield Street, T/L Stockport Road, T/L Back Down Knott Lane, across Dowson Road, Knott Lane, Waverley Road to Dowson Road (Stop).

T/R and proceed to Stockport Road junction Mottram Old Rd T/L.

(Start) Stockport Road, Market Street, to signals junction Dowson Road (Stop).

Proceed to signals Newton Street junction Clarke Way.

(Start) Newton Street, T/L, Dukinfield Road, Victoria Road, King Street to Junction Wharf Street, (Stop).

Return to depot.

A7. Hyde/Denton/Audenshaw/Ashton

Proceed to signals at Clarke Way junction Manchester Road Hyde T/R.

(Start) Manchester Road, Hyde Road, T/L Saxon Street (Morrisons) Circle roundabout Back Down Saxon Street to traffic lights Hyde Road T/L to Crown Point (Stop) T/L Stockport Road

Continue to junction Inman Street T/L

(Start) Inman Street to roundabout (Stop) T/L Saxon Street to Hyde Road traffic lights T/L

Proceed to traffic lights Crown Point

(Start) Through Crown Point, Manchester Road through M67/M60 roundabout, Manchester Road (dual carriageway) to Manchester Boundary turn around and grit return side of dual carriageway Manchester Road, through M67/M60 roundabout, Manchester Road North, T/R Seymour Street, through signals, Windmill Lane T/R Oldham Street T/L Parkway to Kennels (Stop)

Return to junction Oldham Street T/L

(Start), Oldham to traffic lights under motorway bridge (Stop)

Return to Windmill Lane junction Oldham Street

(Start) Windmill Lane T/R Windsor Road, T/L Anson Road, T/L Thornley Lane, T/L Windmill Lane, T/L Windsor Road, T/L Dane Road, T/R Kent Road, T/R Anson Road (Stop).

Continue to junction Windsor Road T/L.

(Start) Windsor Road, T/R Ashwood Avenue, T/L Balmoral Drive, T/R Manchester Road (Stop)

Continue to signals at junction Hulme Road T/R

(Start) Hulme Road, T/R Windsor Road, T/R Ash Road, to junction Balmoral Drive (Stop).

Continue back to Crown Point T/R.

(Start) Stockport Road to Boundary (Stop).

Return to signals Stockport Road junction Two Trees Lane T/R.

(Start) Two Trees Lane, T/L Mill Lane, T/R Read Street, T/L Rhodes Street, T/L Manchester Road, T/L Mill Lane back to junction Read Street T/L (Stop).

Return to Crown Point via Hyde Road T/R.

(Start) Ashton Road, Denton Road, Guide Lane, T/R Stockport Road, T/L William Street signals (Stop).

Continue via William Street and T/R Manchester Road to outside Saint Peter's Church.

(Start) Manchester Road, T/L Margaret Street, T/L and circle one way system via Richmond Street, Katherine Street, Margaret Street. Back to two way traffic (Stop).

Continue along Margaret Street to junction Hodgson Street.

(Start) Margaret Street, bear left at signals on slip road into Park Parade (Stop)

Return to depot.

B1. Ashton/Denton/Audenshaw/Dukinfield/Stalybridge

(Start) Old Street T/L Bentick Street T/R Stamford Street West (past old Ashton baths) T/R Welbeck St, T/L Hodgson St past old fire station, T/L Margaret St (Stop) T/L

(Start) grit slip road through signals into Stockport Rd. (Stop)

Continue along Stockport Road to junction Cambridge Street.

(Start) Stockport Road alongside Central Island to junction Pottinger Street (Stop).

Continue to pelican crossing at shops at Guide Lane.

(Start) Guide Lane, through signals to Pelican Crossing at Stanhope Street (Stop).

Continue to traffic signals Ashton Road Denton at bridge over M67.

(Start) Ashton Road over M67 to Crown Point T/R (Stop).

Continue to Manchester Road junction Seymour Street T/R.

(Start) Seymour Street, Taylor Lane, Corporation Road, T/R Stamford Road (Stop).

Proceed to signals Guide Lane/Stockport Road T/L into Audenshaw Road.

(Start) Audenshaw Road, T/L Stamford Road, through signals, Shepley Road, Ashton Street, Globe Square, Astley Street, T/R Fifth Avenue to roundabout and return other side dual C/W T/R Astley Street to signals King Street T/L (Stop).

Continue to King Street junction Wharf Street T/L.

(Start) Wharf Street, T/L Charles Street, T/R Astley Street (Stop).

Continue to junction Globe Lane T/L.

(Start) Globe Lane to Victoria Road (Stop).

Proceed to Cheetham Hill Road, junction Ashton Road at Dukinfield Arms.

(Start) Cheetham Hill Road, Hollins Street, T/R High Street, Grosvenor Street by pass, T/R Hough Hill Road. T/R Forester Drive to Grosvenor Street by pass T/R (Stop)

Continue to junction Hough Hill Road

(Start) Acres Lane to signals Mottram Road T/L (Stop).

Continue to Corporation Street junction Portland Place at river bridge T/L

(Start) Corporation Street T/R Melbourne Street, T/R Dean Street Across Trinity Street around rear Market Hall To Corporation Street T/R (Stop)

Continue to Melbourne Street junction Castle Street/Dean Street

(Start) Melbourne Street T/L Market Street (Stop)

Continue to junction Water Street, T/L

(Start) Water Street, over bridge, T/L. Castle Street, T/R Back Melbourne Street, Leech Street, (past Somerfield's), T/R High Street, T/R Caroline Street, bear left Shepley Street, T/L Market Street (Stop)

Continue along Market Street T/R Waterloo Road

(Start) Waterloo Road, Trinity Street, circle Armentieres Square, Trinity Street, T/R High Street (Stop)

Proceed via Caroline Street, Rassbottom Street, Stamford Street to junction Clarence Street T/L

(Start) Clarence Street T/R Whitelands Road to signals Whitelands T/L (Stop).

Continue to Crescent Road junction Riverside T/L.

(Start) Riverside, Park Road across Sandy Lane to Tame Street, T/R Tame Street, T/R High Street, Oxford Road, T/R Sandy Lane, T/R Hyde Street T/R Oxford Road T/R Back Down Sandy Lane, T/L Prospect Road to Cemetery Gates (Stop).

Return to junction Sandy Lane T/L

(Start) Sandy Lane to Junction Whitelands Road (Stop).

Return to depot.

B2. Ashton/Droylsden/Audenshaw

Proceed to signals Oldham Road/Newmarket Road. T/L.

(Start) Newmarket Road, Lumb Lane, Littlemoss Road, T/L Peregrine Crescent full circle and return via dual carriageway to Littlemoss Road T/L Littlemoss Road, T/R Moorside Street, Market Street, through signals to Fairfield Road, T/R Edge Lane through signals at Manchester Road, Edge Lane to Clayton Bridge (Stop).

Return to Edge Lane junction Chatsworth Road T/L.

(Start) Chatsworth Road, T/R North Road to Edge Lane T/R (Stop).

Return via Edge Lane and Chatsworth Road to junction North Road T/L.

(Start) North Road, T/R Lewis Road, T/L Manor Road, Chappell Road, T/L Sunnyside Road, T/R Greenside Lane to bus terminus (Stop).

Return to Greenside Lane junction Sunnyside Road.

(Start) Greenside Lane to junction Market Street T/L (Stop).

Continue to junction Medlock Street T/L.

(Start) Medlock Street to junction Chappell Road T/L (Stop).

Continue via Chappell Road, Greenside Lane, Market Street to Ashton Hill Lane T/L.

(Start) Ashton Hill Lane, T/L Williamson Lane T/L Ashton Road (Stop)

Return to Ashton Hill Lane junction Williamson Lane.

(Start) Ashton Hill Lane T/L Manchester Road T/R Audenshaw Road to mini roundabout at junction Stamford Road (Stop).

Proceed to Chester Square, Ashton.

(Start) At signals junction Margaret Street bear left on slip road into Henry Square, along Old Street, to junction Oldham Road (Stop).

Return to depot

B3. Hyde (Godley, Werneth, Hattersley, Newton)

Proceed to Halton Street, junction High Street, Godley T/L.

(Start) High Street, T/R Sheffield Road, to Mottram Road, T/R (Stop).

Proceed to Lumn Road junction Mottram Road, Hyde.

(Start) Lumn Road, T/R Stockport Road, T/R Smithy Lane, across Lumn Road, Mansfield Road, T/L Grange Road North, T/L Walker Lane, T/L Lumn Road (Stop).

Proceed to Stockport Road junction Peel Street T/L.

(Start) Peel Street, T/R Grange Road South , full length circle estate to return via The Grange to Grange Road South T/L (Stop)

Continue to junction Backbower Lane T/R

(Start) Backbower Lane, T/R Stockport Road, T/L King Edward Road, Windsor Road, T/L Dowson Road (Stop)

Return to King Edward Road junction Gloucester Road.

(Start) Gloucester Road, T/R Marlborough Road, T/L King George Road, T/R Dowson Road (Stop)

Continue to junction Grosvenor Road, T/L

(Start) Grosvenor Road, full circle Grosvenor Crescent T/L Foxholes Road to Grosvenor Road, T/R (Stop)

Proceed to Stockport Road junction Lilly Street.

(Start) Lilly Street, Werneth Avenue, T/R Mottram Old Road (Stop).

Continue to junction Joel Lane, T/L.

(Start) Joel Lane, T/R Werneth Low Road to boundary (Stop).

Return to Joel Lane junction Higham Lane T/R.

(Start) Higham Lane, to Mottram Old Road T/R (Stop).

Continue to junction Spring Avenue, T/R.

(Start) Spring Avenue to Higham Lane T/R (Stop).

Proceed to Mottram Road Hyde, junction Hattersley Road West.

(Start) Hattersley Road West T/L Underwood Road, across Stockport Road, Ashworth Lane, T/L Market Street, Mottram (Stop)

Continue to Hyde Road, junction John Kennedy Road, T/L.

(Start) John Kennedy Road to Ashworth Lane, T/R (Stop).

Return to Underwood Road junction Hattersley Road East T/L.

(Start) Hattersley Road East, T/L Beaufort Road, across Stockport Road, Clough End Road, across Stockport Road, Chapman Road, T/L Hattersley Road West T/R Fields Farm Road, T/R Hattersley Road East to junction Chapman Road (Stop).

Continue to Hattersley Road West junction Fields Farm Road.

(Start) Hattersley Road West to junction Underwood Road (Stop).

Return via Mottram and Deep Cutting to junction Matley Lane T/L.

(Start) Matley Lane, Victoria Street, T/R Ashton Road (Stop).

Continue to signals Ashton Road junction Talbot Road T/R.

(Start) Talbot Road to Victoria Street T/R (Stop).

Continue to Victoria Street junction Cartwright Street T/R.

(Start) Cartwright Street, to Talbot Road T/L (Stop).

Continue to junction Bradley Green Road T/R

(Start) Bradley Green Road, Acresfield, T/R Saint Mary’s Road, T/L Harbour Farm Road, T/R Talbot Road (Stop)

Return to depot.

B4. Dukinfield/Hyde/Stalybridge

Proceed to Hill Street junction Wharf Street, Dukinfield

(Start) Hill Street to Astley Street T/L (Stop)

Proceed to Crescent Road junction Old Road, Dukinfield.

(Start) Old Road to cemetery and return to grit Astley Street (Old Road to Crescent Road) T/L (Stop).

Continue to Foundry Street at signals Oxford Road, T/L

(Start) Oxford Road, T/R Lodge Lane, T/R Cheetham Hill Road (Stop).

Continue to Cheetham Hill Road junction Yew Tree Lane T/L.

(Start) Yew Tree Lane Lane T/L Tennyson Avenue full circle back to Yew Tree Lane (Stop).

T/R to Yew Tree Lane junction Salisbury Drive T/R.

(Start) Salisbury Drive, Fir Tree Crescent, T/R Quarry Rise, Quarry Street, T/L High Street. T/R Bayley Street, T/L Clarence Street (Stop)

Proceed to Cheetham Hill Road junction Gorse Hall Road.

(Start) Gorse Hall Road, T/L Fir Tree Lane, Lyne Edge Road to Yew Tree Lane (Stop).

Proceed to Fir Tree Crescent junction Quarry Rise.

(Start) Fir Tree Crescent To Fir Tree Lane T/R (Stop).

Continue to junction Gorse Hall Road T/L.

(Start) Gorse Hall Road to Yew Tree Lane T/R (Stop).

Continue to and across junction Cheetham Hill Road.

(Start) Yew Tree Lane, T/R Birch Lane, T/L Dewsnap Lane, T/R Armadale Road, T/R Boyds Walk, T/L Birch Lane (Stop).

Continue to Jeffreys Drive junction Armadale Road T/L.

(Start) Armadale Road, T/R Boyds Walk, T/L King Street (Stop).

Continue to King Street, junction Thorncliffe Avenue T/L.

(Start) Thorncliffe Avenue, T/L Dewsnap Lane, to junction Armadale Road, (Stop)

Continue to junction Richmond Road T/R

(Start) Richmond Road full circle to Dewsnap Lane T/R (Stop)

Proceed to Armadale Road. junction Inverness Road.

(Start) Inverness Road, T/L Thorncliffe Avenue (Stop)

Continue to Thorncliffe Avenue, junction Dewsnap Lane T/R.

(Start) Dewsnap Lane to King Street T/L (Stop).

Proceed to Globe Lane junction Broadway.

(Start) Broadway to junction Dukinfield Road T/R (Stop)

Continue to traffic signals junction Newton Street T/L

(Start) Newton Street, Old Road, T/R Bennett Street, to Ashton Road T/R (Stop)

Continue to junction Lodge Lane T/R

(Start) Lodge Lane to Junction Old Road (Stop)

Proceed to Clarendon Road, junction Clark Way T/L

(Start) Clarendon Road, T/L Park Road, T/R Lodge Lane (Stop)

Continue to Ashton Road/Clarendon Road (Duke of Sussex) T/R

(Start) Clarendon Road to junction Park Road (Stop)

Proceed to signals Clark Way/Manchester Road.

(Start) Robert Street, T/R Great Norbury Street (T/R Manchester Road, T/R Robert Street) T/L Great Norbury Street, T/L Corporation Street to Market Street T/R (Stop).

Continue to junction Church Street T/R.

(Start) Church Street Woodend Lane, T/R Parsonage Street T/R Chapel Street T/R Great Norbury Street T/L Church Street (Stop).

Continue along Church Street to Oldham Street T/L.

(Start) Oldham Street, T/L Syddall Street, T/R Henry Street, T/R Corporation Street, T/R Oldham Street to Syddall Street (Stop)

Continue to Great Norbury Street junction Chapel Street.

(Start) Great Norbury Street, T/R Corporation Street (Stop)

Proceed to Market Street. junction Greenfield Street T/L

(Start) Greenfield Street T/R Water Street T/R Manchester Road (Stop)

Continue to Market Street/Market Place signals T/L

(Start) Market Place, T/L Clarendon Street, T/R at bus station./Astoria, New Beech Street to Clarke Way T/R (Stop)

Continue to signals Clarke Way junction Mottram Road, T/R

(Start) Bus lane Clarendon Place, T/R at Queens Hotel. Follow bus lane alongside Clarke Way to New Beech Street, T/R (Stop).

Return to depot.

B5. Ashton (Town Centre/Hazelhurst/Smallshaw)

Proceed to Wellington Road traffic signals junction Turner Lane, bear left Sackville Street in front of Charlestown Station.

(Start) Sackville Street, T/R Hartley Street, T/L Wellington Road (Stop)

Continue to signals junction Henrietta Street T/R

(Start) Service road by clock and market hall back to and across Wellington Road, Camp Street, T/R Henrietta Street, T/R Wellington Road to end of Central Island (Stop).

Proceed via Camp Street, Henrietta Street, Penny Meadow, Beaufort Road to Stamford Square at junction with Arundel Street T/L.

(Start) Arundel Street to Junction Darnton Road T/L (Stop).

Proceed to Mossley Road junction Fountain Street T/R.

(Start) Fountain St full length past A+E entrance to one way Section (Stop)

Continue through hospital grounds to Mellor Road exit T/R

(Start) Mellor Road, to Darnton Road Traffic Lights (Stop)

(Start) Fountain Street T/L Hartshead Way, circle mini roundabout (Stop)

Return to Fountain Street T/L

(Start) Fountain Street to and around next mini roundabout (Stop)

Return to junction Mossley Road, T/R and proceed to junction Old Road, T/L

(Start) Old Road, T/L Gorsey Lane T/L Hazelhurst Road, to Old Road T/L (Stop).

Proceed to Gorsey Lane junction Ashbourne Drive T/L.

(Start) Ashbourne Drive to junction Hazelhurst Road T/R (Stop).

Continue to junction Gorsey Lane.

(Start) T/L Gorsey Lane, Weymouth Road, Kings Road, T/R Signals Lees Road/Hurst Cross (Stop).

Continue to signals at junction Saint Christopher’s Road.

(Start) T/R Saint Christopher Road, T/R Nook Lane, T/L Lees Road (Stop).

Continue to signals Hurst Cross T/L Kings Road to junction Hampson Road T/L

(Start) Hampson Road T/L Waddicor Avenue T/L Nook Lane (Stop)

Return via Hurst Cross signals to Weymouth Road junction Rosehill Road T/R.

(Start) T/R Rosehill Road, T/R Palace Road, Leech Avenue, Palace Road, T/L Queens Road T/R Alderley Street T/R Kings Road. (Stop).

Proceed to Lees Road Junction Street Albans Avenue T/L.

(Start) Saint Albans Avenue, T/R Bristol Avenue, T/R Glendon Crescent, T/L Bristol Avenue,

T/R Brecon Crescent, Bristol Avenue to junction Glendon Crescent (Stop)

Return to Junction Street Albans Avenue T/R

(Start) Saint Albans Avenue, Alt Road, T/L Broadoak Road, T/R Lees Road, T/R Connery Crescent T/L Smallshaw Lane, T/R Henrietta Street (Old Ball) T/R Ladbrooke Road, Curzon Road,

T/R Whiteacre Road T/L Penny Meadow (Stop).

Continue to Mossley Road junction Curzon Road T/L.

(Start) Curzon Road, T/R Whiteacre Road, T/L Queens Road (Stop).

Continue to signals at junction Kings Road, Hurst Cross T/L.

(Start) Kings Road, Union Road, Canterbury Street, T/R Henrietta Street, Broadoak Road, circle mini roundabout T/L Wood Lane, Wilshaw Lane, Newmarket Road, T/L Taunton Road, T/L Oldham Road (Stop).

Continue to junction Cranbourne Rd T/R

(Start) Cranbourne Road to Broadoak Road T/R (Stop).

Continue to Henrietta Street junction Canterbury Street.

(Start) Henrietta Street T/L Penny Meadow (Stop).

Return to depot.

B6. Ashton (Town Centre/Crowhill)

Proceed to telephone exchange roundabout and leave by Stalybridge exit. T/L off Park Parade by slip road at 'Indian Ocean'.

(Start) Slip road, T/L Stamford Street East to Mossley Road (Stop)

Continue by roundabout and leave by Stamford Street exit Saint Michael's Square.

(Start) Stamford Street T/R George Street T/R Old Street, bear left on slip road to clinic Crickets Lane link road (Stop).

Continue to Penny Meadow T/L to junction Old Cross Street T/L

(Start) Old Cross Street, T/L Old Street bear right on slip road Saint Michael's Square into Stamford Street (Stop)

Continue to Stamford Street at junction George Street.

(Start) Stamford Street To Oldham Road (Stop).

Proceed via roundabout and Cavendish Street to signals Old Street junction Oldham Road.

(Start) Old Street, T/R Delamere Street at Metro Cinema, T/R Stamford Street, T/R Booth Street across Old Street, Gas Street across Katherine Street, T/L Water Street, T/L Oldham Road, T/L Katherine Street to Gas Street (Stop).

Proceed to signals Wellington Road junction Turner Lane.

(Start) Turner Lane, T/R Lees Street, T/R Henrietta Street, T/R Alexandra Road T/R Turner Lane (Stop).

Continue to junction Lees Street.

(Start) Turner Lane, T/L Lordsfields Avenue, T/R Cranbourne Road, T/L Vicarage Road, T/R Wilshaw Lane, T/L Wilshaw Grove .T/R Wilshaw Grove T/R Wilshaw Grove (full circle) T/L Wilshaw Grove T/L Downshaw Rd, T/R Beech Mount, T/R Reins Lees Road, T/R Downshaw Road to Yew Tree Close back to Beech Mount (Stop).

Continue to Beech Mount junction Reins Lee Road T/L.

(Start) Reins Lee Road, Store Street, to Oldham Road T/R (Stop).

Proceed to junction Downshaw Road T/R

(Start) Downshaw Road to junction Reins Lee Road (Stop)

Proceed to Oldham Road junction Springwood Way T/R

(Start) Springwood Way, T/L Camberwell Drive full circle, T/L Springwood Way to Oldham Road, T/L (Stop)

Continue to Taunton Road junction Knowle Avenue.

(Start) Knowle Avenue, T/R Richmond Street, circle roundabout Wordsworth Crescent and back to leave by T/L Hylton Drive T/L Furness Avenue, T/R Keswick Avenue Patterdale Road to Newmarket Road T/R (Stop).

Continue via Taunton Road to Knowle Avenue junction Ullswater Avenue.

(Start) Ullswater Avenue, T/R Ambleside Avenue to junction Taunton Road (Stop)

Return to Junction Ullswater Avenue junction Ambleside Avenue T/L

(Start) Ambleside Avenue T/R Crowhill Road, T/L Keswick Avenue, T/R Penrith Avenue, T/L Furness Avenue, T/L Bowness Road, T/L Lakeside Avenue. to Keswick Avenue T/R (Stop).

Continue to Crowhill Road junction Ambleside Avenue at shops.

(Start) Crowhill Road T/R Knowle Avenue (Stop).

Continue to Richmond Street T/L.

(Start) Richmond Street T/R Katherine Street T/L William Street, T/L Manchester Road. (Stop)

Proceed via Chester Square to Cambridge Street junction Stockport Road. T/L.

(Start) Cambridge Street, T/L Hertford Street, Margaret Street, Hill Street, T/R Portland Street South through car park to Portland Basin Heritage Centre, T/R Welbeck Street South, T/R Hill Street to Cavendish Street T/L (Stop).

Return via Park Parade, Chester Square and Margaret Street to Richmond Street junction Katherine Street.

(Start) Katherine Street to Oldham Road (Stop).

Return to depot.

B7. Audenshaw/Denton

Proceed to Shepley Road junction Cemetery Road.

(Start) Cemetery Road, Sandbrook Way, T/R Saint Annes Road, Turner Street, across Ashton Road, Egerton Street to Corporation Road T/L (Stop).

Proceed to Manchester Road junction Ruby Street T/R.

(Start) Ruby Street, City Avenue, T/R Town Lane, T/L Auburn Road, T/R Ruskin Avenue T/R Town Lane, T/L Tomcroft Lane, Kennedy Way, T/L Millbrook Avenue,
T/L Warren Close, Millbrook Avenue, T/L Warren Close, T/L Town Lane To Junction Ruskin Avenue (Stop)

Return to Town Lane junction City Avenue.

(Start) Town Lane to Stockport Road, T/R (Stop)

Continue to junction Pendle Road. T/R

(Start) Full circle Pendle Road and along Circular Road to Town Lane T/R (Stop)

Continue to junction Acre Street T/L

(Start) Acre Street, T/R Duke Street, T/L Market Street, Albert Street, T/L Stockport Road, T/L Victoria Street, Market Street (Taxi Rank) T/L Manchester Road (Stop)
Continue to junction Acre Street T/L

(Start) Acre Street, T/R Cedar Crescent T/L Shoecroft Avenue, T/L Ruby Street. (Stop)

Proceed to Cemetery Road, junction Stockport Road.

(Start) Cemetery Road to cemetery entrance, turn around and return T/L Wakeling Road to Stockport Road T/R (Stop)

Proceed to Two Trees Lane junction Moorfield Avenue, T/L.

(Start) Moorfield Avenue T/R Mill Lane, T/L Manor Road to Haughton Green Road T/L (Stop).

Continue to Mancunian Road junction Lancaster Road T/L.

(Start) Lancaster Road T/R Two Trees Lane (Stop).

Continue to junction Mancunian Road T/R.

(Start) Mancunian Road, T/L Haughton Green Road T/L Two Trees Lane (Stop).

Proceed to Stockport Road junction Vaudrey Lane T/R.

(Start) Vaudrey Lane, T/L Leesway Drive, T/R Whittles Avenue, T/R Saint Lawrence Road, T/L Linden Road T/R Fir Road, T/R Haughton Hall Road, T/L Hyde Road, T/R Edward Street, T/L Tame Street, (T/L Ashton Road) T/L York Road, (T/R Along Edward Street) T/L Wood Street, Thornleys Road, T/R Cricket Street, T/L Herbert Street, T/R Broomgrove Lane, T/L Saint Annes Drive, T/R Saint Anne’s Road. to junction M67 on slip (Stop)

Return to Edward Street at junction Tame Street.

(Start) Edward Street T/R Saint Anne’s Road (Stop)

Return to depot.

B8. Midi Gritter Route



Proceed to Cobden Street junction Stamford Street

(Start) Cobden Street T/R Currier Lane to junction Scotland Street (Stop)

Proceed to Twirl Hill Road opposite Alt Hill Lane junction Lees Road T/R

(Start) Twirl Hill Road T/R Lilly Lanes to junction Lees Road (Stop) T/R

Proceed to Alt Hill Lane junction Lees Road T/L

(Start) Alt Hill Lane, T/R 'Park Bridge Road' at Park Bridge direction sign, uphill past visitor centre and Dingle Terrace, Dean Terrace (unmade) T/R Millbrow, bear right Alt Hill Road. back to 'Park Bridge Road' (Stop) 

Proceed to Luzley Road. junction Mossley Road opposite junction PH.


(Start) Broadcarr Lane full length to Oldham Boundary (Stop)

Return to Luzley Road junction Mossley Road.

(Start) Luzley Road past Hare & Hounds to Stamford Street, Mossley (Stop)

Proceed to Quick Edge Road junction Lees Road.

(Start) Quick Edge Road to Sevilles Buildings (Stop)

Proceed to George Street junction Stamford Street.

(Start) George Street T/R Hanover Street. T/R Argyle Street T/L Market Street T/L Mountain Street T/L Hanover Street (Stop)

Continue via Argyle Street to Market Street junction Mountain Street.

(Start) Market Street, Old Brow to Livingstone School (Stop)

Return to Wyre Street junction Market Street.

(Start) Wyre Street. T/L Stamford Street. (Stop)

Proceed to Carrhill Road junction Stockport Road

(Start) Carrhill Road T/R Mill Lane to Low Bridge (Stop)

T/Round back up to junction Carrhill Road T/R Carrhill Road full length to Stockport Road (Stop)

Return to Mill Lane other side of the bridge off Manchester Road.

(Start) Mill Lane to Manchester Road (Stop)

Proceed to Abney Road junction Stamford Road.

(Start) Abney Road, Andrew Street to Barngate Drive (Stop)

Proceed to Mill Street junction Manchester Road.

(Start) Mill Street T/L Waggon Road. (Stop)

Proceed to Moorside Road. junction Winterford Road.

(Start) Moorside Road, T/R Mansfield Road, T/R Dalesfield Crescent to Moorside Road. (Stop)

Proceed to The Sycamores junction Mansfield Road.

(Start) The Sycamores, T/L The Rowans, T/L Hollins Lane, T/R King Street to Station Road (Stop)

Proceed to Hollins Lane junction Micklehurst Road

(Start)Hollins Lane to King Street (Stop)


Proceed to Buckton Vale Road junction Oakfield Avenue T/R.

(Start) Oakfield Avenue T/L Carrbrook Crescent full circle, Moorland Road,

T/R Buckton Drive T/L Huddersfield Road (Stop).

Continue to new estate of Crowswood Drive opposite Street James’ Church.

(Start) Crowswood Drive T/R Whimberry Drive T/L Wildmoor Wood Close to end (Stop)

Return to Whimberry Drive T/L

(Start) Whimberry Drive T/R Standrick Hill to end (Stop)

Return to Whimberry Drive T/R

(Start) Whimberry Drive T/L Crowswood Drive to junction Whimberry Drive (Stop)

Continue via Huddersfield Road to junction Besom Lane T/L.

(Start) Besom Lane to Higher Hyde Green (Stop)

Proceed to Grove Road junction Huddersfield Road.

(Start) Grove Road, Springbank Lane (across Wakefield Road) John Street to Hall Avenue (Stop)

(Return and treat one way road out to Wakefield Road).

Proceed to Arlies Lane junction Longridge Avenue

(Start) Arlies Lane to Arlies Cottages at end of made up road (Stop)

Turn around and proceed to Ridge Hill Lane junction Buckingham Road.

(Start) Treat full length Buckingham Road and Sandringham Avenue (Stop)

Proceed to Kay Street junction Forester Drive.

(Start) Kay Street, T/L Astley Street, bear right Hough Hill Road, T/R Springbank Street, T/L Oak Tree Crescent, T/L Range Road, T/L Hough Hill Road, T/R Spring Bank Street, T/L Forester Drive, to Hough Hill Road (Stop)

Proceed to Hereford Way junction Mottram Old Road

(Start) Hereford Way full length (Stop)

Proceed to Quarry Clough junction Mottram Old Road.

(Start) Quarry Clough, Foxhill Drive, Quarry Clough, Ashes Lane, T/R Old Road, to Mottram Road (Stop)

Proceed to Woodlands Road, Junction Mottram Road.

(Start) Woodlands Road, T/L Linden Road, T/R Burnside, across Mottram Road, Woodend Lane, Bardsley Gate Avenue (Stop)

Return to Junction Woodend Lane, T/L

(Start) Blundering Lane to Matley Lane (Stop)


Proceed to Hobson Moor Road at Roe Cross opposite Matley Lane.

(Start) Hobson Moor Roadt to junction Dewsnap Lane (return to junction Old Road, T/L) Old Road to Junction Roe Cross Road/Backmoor (Stop)

Proceed to Church Brow, junction Market Street.

(Start) Church Brow continue along Littlemoor Road Down Gorsey Brow to Market Street T/R and T/L Down Mill Brow, T/L Old Street, T/L Bostock Road, T/R Lower Market Street over Besthill Bridge to lay-by Opposite Church (Stop)

Turn around and proceed to junction Hillend Lane, T/R.

(Start) Hillend Lane to junction Littlemoor Road (Stop)

Proceed to Chain Bar Lane, Mottram junction Stringer Avenue.

(Start) Chain Bar Lane (full length to junction Ashworth Lane) (Stop)

Proceed to Longdale Drive junction John Kennedy Road and treat:

(Start) Full length of Longdale Drive, Chambers Court and Atherton Avenue/Grove to police station. (Stop)


Proceed to Manchester Road junction Raglan Street

(Start) Raglan Street full length (Stop)

Proceed to Bennett Street junction Old Road

(Start) Lower Bennett Street to Junction Dukinfield Road (Stop)

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