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Winter Gritting


Where to Grit?

Gritting priority is given to two types of roads/routes and based upon the recommendations contained in a National Code of Practice.

Priority Routes 1-7
Strategic routes and principal roads, important classified roads and bus routes.
All other classified roads, and important unclassified roads

Priority C:
In prolonged periods of lying snow/ice, estate and minor access roads in hilly or exposed locations will be treated and consideration given to important footway routes (e.g. shopping precincts etc).

Treatment of Priority C locations would only be considered when conditions dictate and when all other priorities had been fully and adequately treated and resources become available.

Map of Places we Grit in Tameside

Map of Places we Grit in Tameside

Click here see a Google map showing where we grit in Tameside.

Priority Routes in Tameside

Priority Routes in Tameside

Click here to view further details about priority routes in Tameside.


When to grit

The Council are recipients of a specialised winter weather forecasting service provided by MetDesk. The forecast, received on a daily basis, gives predictions of the possibility of freezing road temperatures, snow etc, and the time those conditions may occur.

Met Office

Met Office

Click here to access the Met Office’s website.

In addition, throughout the winter season, an inspector is employed to check the accuracy of the forecast by measuring road surface temperatures. This enables decisions to be made if, or when gritting is necessary. The aim is to treat Priority Routes before road surface temperatures fall to 0°C.


Requesting gritting

If you wish to request gritting please use the online request system.

The request will only be actioned when resources are available, and after the priority roads have been treated.

Online Request System

Online Request System

Click here to request gritting online.


Do We provide Grit Bins

There are currently over 400 grit bins and 70 grit piles throughout Tameside in areas not normally subject to mechanical treatment, at hilly, exposed locations and potentially dangerous road junctions. The locations have been determined from extensive analysis of the Borough.

The majority of grit bins are left out during the Summer months and refilled prior to the start of the winter season. The Council will endeavour to refill grit bins during periods of severe weather.

It is unfortunately determined that it is not reasonably practicable or financially affordable, to place grit bins on every carriageway or location where a bin is requested and therefore, we are unable to assist at this time with requests for any additional grit bins.


Can a Grit Bin be Removed

Often grit bins become the focus of vandalism or the meeting place for youths. If this becomes an unbearable nuisance, a request for the bin to be removed can be made. The agreement of other residents in the area would be needed before the facility is withdrawn.

Online Request System

Online Request System

Click here to request gritting online.


Are Pedestrian Routes Treated?

In very severe weather conditions, especially when snow or ice may remain for some days, consideration is given, in priority order, to the treatment of pedestrian routes - footways and pavements in the following order:

  • Town centre streets/main pedestrian routes
  • Shopping frontages
  • Busy pedestrian routes
  • Hospitals and doctors surgery frontages/routes
  • School frontages/routes
  • Community centre frontages/routes
  • Steep sections of footway/footpaths
  • Predominately elderly residents areas
  • Other residential areas
  • Industrial estates.

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