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Home Safety

The cost to the National Health Service of treating home accident injuries is estimated at £450 million per year, with an additional £1,740 million for the cost of lost output, pain, grief and suffering.

Some facts and figures

  • The biggest single cause of accidents is human error
  • With forethought most accidents could be prevented
  • Most people are injured in their own homes than anywhere else
  • In 1995 home accidents accounted for 37% of all accidents requiring hospital treatment
  • Falls of one kind or another account for over 38% of all home accidents
  • Fire is one of the most serious hazards in any home.  It is fast spreading, lethal and devastating, yet very often preventable
  • Accidents involving children often occur in the presence of an adult
  • Many accidents occur in the home from everyday activities such as children playing, preparing food, simply moving about the house, carrying out DIY and other household repairs

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